Mahagony Party Band / Press

"Very good ladies, simply marvelous!"

Ben Harrison Parks - Personal

"Hey DEE DEE! The voices that the group have are amazingly good. Thank you for your gift of love, for Father's Day!!!"

Stephen Greer - Personal

"Fantastic! "

Michael Andre LaBroi - Personal


Patrick Baxter - Personal


Zuri Mapenzi-xe - Personal

“You Ladies are "Outstanding" I just Love It! ”

Charles Mann - Personal

"You Are Too Much Woman For Any Mortal Man, Grace..... You Are A Assault On A Man's Senses, And A Banquet for His Eyes...... They Just Don't Make Women Like Neffertiti & You Anymore..."

Mark Nosich - Personal

“Hey Mahagony! You sound wonderful. Those harmonies were rich and luscious. You sound great!”

Bill Demos - Personal

"Beautiful women with beautiful voices. A perfect combination!"

Ric Evans - Personal

“I am in LOVE with the group I want to work with them as a producer.”

Larry Hamilton - Personal

“They are really Cooooool!!! Dee Dee, I have always admired you & all you do. ”

Junei Lee - Personal

“Grace, thank you so much for such a great Fathers Day greeting, and please say thank you for me to the other Ladies that sang with you! ”

Charles Underwood - Personal

"Nice harmonies, ladies!"

Carol Spiller - Face Book Team

“Hello 'Grace'... How are you? 'Thank You' so much for the 'You-Tube Video'. I 'thoroughly enjoyed watching (YOU) it. Although I realized you were singing and performing with your 'Mahagony' group members... 'Yours' was the 'Only-Face' I seen! 'Tunnel-Vision' you might say! Can't help it... I'm 'Stuck' on you!!! Be Safe... Be Well... ”

Donald Purnell - Personal

“You guys look great! Where was this gig? it looks familar.”

Eric N. Yoder - Horse-Drawn Productions Inc

“Grace, This is very nice footage from your group! "Keep On Keepin' On"! Peace, ”

Byron Woods - Personal