Magnolia Memoir / Press

"By far one of the best acts I've heard - EVER" -

Larry LeBlanc - the Hot Seat

"Magnolia Memoir creates a convincing noir atmosphere. A killer take on the femme fatale archetype, 'The Perfect Crime' is a listen to die for"

“…this album begs to be heard. Magnolia Memoir is an instant classic. Mela Lee’s voice and lyrics are stunning, and altogether unforgettable.”

Margaret Cho, Actress/Comedienne - www.MargaretCho.com

"Joy and Magical Music Elixir: -Fiona Apple meets the Killers with a dash of the Clash. 'The Perfect Crime' will only serve to bolster a reputation already in steep ascent"

"Had Magnolia Memoir toured with anyone less impressive, it would have stolen the show. Mela Lee’s voice is meltingly sweet and, as her bio promises, she actually has a five octave range...A captivating blend of the sexiness of jazz and the honesty of Rock"

"The 'Perfect Crime' was well worth the wait. {...}a highlight of the album is the acoustic version of 'The Perfect Crime', featuring Matthew Santos in a duet with Lee. This is dark enough to make Leonard Cohen sulk in silence for a month. The harmonies produced by the two are brilliant... 'The Perfect Crime' is blissfully dark, harmonically and lyrically inventive, and honest."

"In possession of a voice that's part Billie Holiday smoky seduction and part Gwen Stefani coy pop vixen, Lee and Magnolia Memoir keep things sleek and playful -though you know there's something slightly dark lurking behind the smile, "

““Billie Holiday meets Tom Waits at 3 a.m when ties get loosened and the party begins…SEVERAL SHADES OF AMAZING””

“Magnolia Memoir makes the Music Connection Top Unsigned Bands list for 2010”

Music Connection

“Magnolia Memoir signs with Peak eOne Music”