Magic Bullet / Press

“INTERVIEW: Mick Magic was one of the main characters of the UK Underground Cassette Label Days, starting out as many with the DIY ethos of the alternative scene and the wish to promote his own Band Magic Moments At Twilight Time in 1987. Onwards he supported a global range of artists with nearly 600 releases on his Music & Elsewhere label up to 2003. Promoted via the then established networking of fanzines, alternative radio stations and distributors, trading and licensing. After a break of nearly a decade he returned to musical activities releasing incredible Best Of Compilations of his catalogue, published treasures from the vaults, digitized reissues and a remastered CD Album before starting a new musical adventure…”

“DIGITALIS: In a strange twist which really shouldn’t be happening a quarter of a century after our paths first crossed, I reckon it’s his finest release to date.”

“DIGITALIS: Certainly worth the wait, it’s a long player that’ll appeal to electro- and psych-heads in equal measure and will soon rise to the top of your playlist.”

“DIGITALIS: A Reflection of the world's yesterdays and today's electro underground at once. Mankind caught in loops paired with urgent sequences and distorted beats. Echoes of man in the digital age and heading into an uncertain future. Love And Rockets. No. Temptations. No. This is the other face of space age rock, in a time where no more crowd pleasing is needed.”

“MI CASA, SU CASA: Magic Bullet employ an arsenal of ‘gear’, some of which includes instrumentation, but also makes creative use of the various machines and utilities that are all about the household. We have a cut-up of telephones dialing, television samples, rumbling and scratching noise-scapes, noise-melodies, and percussion, leading into more beat driven noise-dance-collage foot stomping. Fun stuff!”

“MULTIPLICITAS: It’s a hell of a ride”

“MULTIPLICITAS: ...definitely no shortage in creativity and inspiration, which means that hopefully other concept albums from Magic Bullet await us in the future. In the current rather unusual, often well-and-truly mad, times it is certainly a very welcome escape from everyday surrealism.”

“MULTIPLICITAS: This is an obscure trip to the experimental sound of early 1980s, full of passion for the psychedelic and the dark romantic culture. Tune in and travel in space…”

“SOLIDARIETAS: It’s certainly never dull and in a fairer world 'Solidarietas' would be attracting a lot of attention.”