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“2017 Love Song Contest Winners Announced! Congratulations MAGGIE BAUGH! Your song has been selected as a Top 10 Song in the 2017 Love Song Contest! The top 3 Runners Up were chosen by our friends at Unsigned Only and will be entered for free in their Win Some Love song competition.”

“Maggie Baugh Featured in monthly Girls Night Out Series”

“all culminating with live concerts from hit country artists Craig Morgan, Drake White and Maggie Baugh.”

“Last year, I was blown away by the caliber of local talent at the WAVE 92.7 Country Showdown, a competition for aspiring country singers. The winner was a guitar-and-fiddle-playing high school student, Maggie Baugh, who impressed the judges and the fans with her powerful voice and original songs.”

“Taking the lead on this ladies night (Clematis by Night) is rising country music sensation Maggie Baugh.”

“Florida-based multi-instrumental teen artist Maggie Baugh”

“Maggie Baugh rocked the pier with her southern country style rock!”

Wayne Fusco - The St Augustine Record - Newspaper

“5 best country covers of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" Maggie Baugh takes on "Love Yourself" and adds an extended intro to show off her guitar skills as well. At such a young age, her skills are pretty impressive. She speeds it up and adds another catchy element to the track.”

“COLD RIVER RECORDS (CRR) has launched its publishing arm, PLACER CREEK MUSIC PUBLISHING. Longtime industry veteran SHANE BARRETT, on behalf of his company SHANE BARRETT MUSIC, LLC, will help lead CRR's new endeavor. The first signing for PLACER CREEK MUSIC PUBLISHING is MAGGIE BAUGH.”

“special guest Maggie Baugh. She is a rising country music star in Boca Raton. CBS12 Extraordinary People: Boca Raton rising country star at Arts Spark Kids Fest”

“Swing into Country a triple hit! Local 15 year old musician Maggie Baugh and rising new country stars Claire Dunn and Drake White. This three-hit combo was a terrific crowd pleaser”

“2015 SFCM Awards: Favorite Song by a Local Artist - "Midnight Muddin'" by Maggie Baugh”

“2015 SFCM Awards: Favorite Local Solo Artist - Female - Maggie Baugh”

“vocally Maggie puts in a solid performance that should be enjoyed by those who watch the video”

“Her sound is more country than many up and coming female artists sound is, and there is a prominent use of fiddle throughout the whole record, which is quite lovely an refreshing to hear being used so prominently.”

“if you`re good enough then you’re old enough. Maggie Baugh most definitely fits the bill here”

“What do you get when you mix Kelsea Ballerini‘s writing, Lindsay Ell‘esque guitar playing, a traditional sounding country voice, and one of the most adorable personalities you will ever experience? South Florida country singer Maggie Baugh covering “Dibs“.”

“you could argue that Maggie Baugh ..... is doing all the right things.”

“the sophomore at Boca Raton High School has shown the work ethic of an established musician,”

“But when my friend Peter Nasca of Persistence Public Relations played me the song “Midnight Muddin’,” I was hooked....and I knew this would be a great experience for the Multivision team and me”

“The video and song are what you would see Toby Keith or Reba McEntire doing, but Maggie beat them to it. This video deserves a spot on CMT.”

“At only 15, musically, Maggie Baugh is an old soul, and a veteran of live shows and experience with some of the greats of country music. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Baugh on CMT before long”

“Maggie is a gifted girl with an amazing spirit. Her talent and hard work are likely to take her far.....you very well could be the next Carrie Underwood!”

"You're one Talented Cookie"

“Maggie Baugh, the teen guitarist and fiddle player who wowed Festival audiences last year - returns by popular demand.”

“VIDEO: Local country acts perform at the Round Up”

“Maggie Baugh,... who wowed Festival audiences last year returns by popular demand”

“Confident and full of energy, Maggie took the stage and worked the crowd with her guitar playing and entertained us all by singing various popular cover songs. But then it happened… she busted out her violin!”

“Who is Maggie Baugh? For those of you who’ve never heard of Maggie Baugh, trust me you’re missing out.”

“Her youth affords her an eager and pure disposition”

“Boca Raton's Maggie Baugh uses her fiddle for a peppy country rock version of "Deck the Halls" with guitarist Mason Pace.”

“I had the melody stuck in my head for days after hearing this the first time. And best of all, it's got a bluesy soul all playing out over some beautiful guitar work and that damn nice vio--er.. . fiddle. Suddenly I'm a country fan.”

“And damn, if she doesn't have one of those voices that just makes me want to shake and quiver.”

“Maggie Baugh, a 14-year-old mini Taylor Swift with the right attitude to play the big stage.”

“Best Country Act 2014 - Broward & Palm Beach!”

“It's endearing to see so much talent stay on a kind and generous path. Her rise is still fresh but well-established”

“There is a newer, younger, fresher, potentially more motivated country singer/songwriter making power moves.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a young talent portray an immense amount of skill, especially when standing next to one of country’s greats.”

“She performed the National Anthem before the show and that performance was even better! Way to go Maggie!”

“awesome performance”

“Maggie Baugh Fiddles Her Way Into America’s Hearts. We were so impressed with Maggie (and fell in love with her stage presence and personality) that we had to share it here with all of you!”

“South Florida remains a breeding ground for local musicians looking to break into the mainstream in genres ranging from country to classical. Look no further than the following artists—all poised for the big time. Maggie Baugh: The talented crooner gives new meaning to the genre “early country.””

“The 13-year-old Boca Raton Community Middle School student demonstrates impressive musical chops and wisdom far beyond her years.”

“In first place, we have Maggie Baugh, with her inspiring song and music video, ‘Middle School’. In a similar writing style to her idol, Taylor Swift, this teen star writes heartfelt songs about relatable topics, in the case of this song she tackles the struggles of bullying and fitting in at school. Her lyrics are mature and comforting, while her melodies are catchy and fresh.”

“Meet Maggie Baugh, a 13-year-old country star who’s been lighting up the country music world. South Florida knows her name ....... Now she’s ready to make her name known across the nation.”

“Using her talented voice, she (Maggie Baugh) put together a video of herself singing a song she wrote for her brothers which has caused a stir online in the rare disease community.”

“From the state of Florida comes a very talented thirteen year old singer by the name of Maggie Baugh. Maggie is a wonderful singer that caught our attention as this young lady is really good”

“Today’s Country Music Newcomer Creating Buzz is a singer-songwriter from Florida.”

“A country Music Newcomer Creating Buzz”

“Similar to: ‘Ronan’ by Taylor Swift for cancer patients..... a budding teenage singer in US, Maggie Baugh who has released her song to help her brothers who have Glycogen Storage Disease”

“Pictures of Maggie Baugh performing at the Deerfield Beach Country Music Festival, Aug 3, 2013”

““It’s amazing how young they are, and how extremely talented,” Hartigan said. “What I really love is the support they all get from their families.””

“With so much talent in such young performers, we had no choice but to interview all three songstresses and discover how in the world they already have achieved so much at such an early age.”

“With 4,618 votes! Maggie is the winner!! Tween Girl Style Magazine "Share Your Talent" contest.”

“Maggie is a great vocalist and musician. She can really throw down on the fiddle, and turn right around grab a guitar and bring life to any song.”

“Breezin Thru the Arts Trolley Tour, Boyton Beach - open mic featuring Maggie Baugh (with picture of Maggie Baugh)”

“Maggie Baugh, who gallery founder Rolando Chang Barrero says “brought the house down” at September’s event.”

“Maggie stood out not because of her voice but because of her ability to put pen to paper, says Annie Sandor, a contest judge who works for Curb Records.”