Maestro Curtis / Press

“He goes by many names -- Brian Curtis, Maestro Curtis, Maestro Brian, Stro-Ra. In all of his incarnations, the San Francisco vocalist/composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer creates music that makes a powerfully positive impact. "Everything in life is musical to me," said the man more commonly known simply as Maestro. "I think in terms of music, sound and vibration. That's how I relate to everything."”

"Not in a long time have there been artists more true to Jazz idioms than Maestro Brian [a.k.a. Maestro Curtis] and the Jazz Hieroglyphics. It's indeed refreshing to witness the ability of Jazz musicians who demonstrate their commitment to the American Classical music art form..."

Timothy Alexander White of 102.9 fm KBLX

“Maestro Brian [a.k.a. Maestro Curtis] and the Jazz Hieroglyphics is a breath of fresh Jazz like the season of spring sweet, mellow, and great for cruising in a convertible on a beautiful sunny day."”

Rochell Metcalf - Sun Reporter