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“we are looking for bands who want the low rate price for label company let me know if you want your band to get help and ill talk to you about packages we can do”

mady - madybunner

“hey fans its mady bunner i got news im geting ready for my new christian rap spoken word song will be posted on here in few days also would like more help from you all”

madybunner new song

“attention fans we need more help with our song love god amen to get out there spread the link www.rverbnation.com/madybunnerpraiseteam”

“new sounds and check out the christmas sample i put here and help others too come here us and if your band or anyone wants too donate to our music let us know by email here and let us know what you need send the donation too us”

mady bunner - accepting new fans and donation now

“We Are Thank Full For Have You All Being Our Fans Please Help Us Bring More Here We Have Written More Songs Like Love God Amen Are Comeing Here Soon As We Get Approved From Our Manger”

mady - madybunnerpraiseteam

“Help bring in more people for us anyone could help us out listen to love god amen song we have here help us show more people well send you free signed shirt if you send us email let us know the amount people you told well email you back”

mady - win free signed shirt love god amen

“we need your help if your able too donate money to our band please go our link on the top u will see hiphop logo and click on that and look for donation on our website also feel free to look our site and if u like it also we would like too put up radio dj for u all so let us know u would like too donate for our band too get that on there for ur music or u can click here”

“the songs you here on here all writen by myself and the praiseteam also we will like your support by geting our shirts now and showing them out there if your bands feel welcome too buy our stuff an sell them for more too help ur band with more income we would like you too show us that way also”

mady - buy our shirts and show them out there

“hey fans donate some money for us too bring a dj station so we can broadcast u out here for people too listen too your stuff if u like too get heard and get concerts here make donation now”

mady - want your music heard

“help donate money to our new thing i am working on doing we have alote of people like too here new bands music and we want too help show your music but we need ur help donation too get this new thing up does anyone wanna help us out the amount we need too raise too is 5700.00 if there anyone that want too help click on this button please”

“to go our site link here and check it out also we are takeing donations now go there too help us out keep or music going give the link out also http://streetriderknightsmadybunner.webs.com/”

“we are needing your help buy some our shirts and show us ur love now and send us pic of u with our shirts and show ur suport for us we got the new shirt comeing we will have it here now”

“attention need all the help ring us more fans here lets keep the team going here”

“you will love too buy our shirts and show your love please even cups we have gotta go look”