“Any last words for Punk Globe readers? I want to say thank you to Ginger and Punk Globe and check out the boys in Mad Temple this year! New shows, new music and same old attitude! Love you all! -Kiliyan M.”

“Welcome a superb hard working hard rocking band, Mad Temple out of Los Angeles, California. Absolutely the real deal,”

“High Octane Rock n Roll”

“Rock N Roll Done Right L.A's very own Mad Temple delivers a refreshing idea of what loud guitars and ripping vocals can really do!”

“Mad Temple is a high octane Rock ‘n Roll band that took the stage with the pizzazz of a old school Sunset Strip Rock band. Visually the band reminded me of the Doors and The Black Crows and their sound was straight up Sunset Strip Rock ‘n Roll. This band kept the fire of the crowd burning. House of Blues was rocking in true Hollywood style with this band.”

“Hazzardous Material: I had the pleasure of seeing you guys live back in 2009 at the Key Club. Your high energy on stage paired with your fantastic down to earth personalities and amazing sense of humor”

" At the end of the day its you and your band against the world, and once you start hitting the road those loyal band mates are all you got."-Kiliyan "The Kid" Maguire

“In It For The Long Haul”