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Madrost / Press

“They play death metal pretty straight-up, sounding a lot like Leprosy- and Scream Bloody Gore-era Death (though for some reason I also get a Symbolic vibe from them). There’s a bit of thrash in there too, for good measure, and apparently some narcotics as well, ‘cause this is catchy as hell.”

“This should be a notice to some of the bigger labels. This band is unsigned, and have developed a rabid following of crazy kids that are hungry for the metal madness that Madrost plays... I would say that Madrost play killer thrash in the classic "Bay Area" tradition. There are a few "modern" elements thrown into the mix, mainly the drumming and drum sound. There are blast beats thrown in the songs here and there, but other than that, these kids came to kick some ass and play some thrash.”

“This is not only a good album [Maleficent] by an up and coming young band, this is actually a GREAT metal album that any true fan of metal will enjoy. The potential that this band shows on here is astounding. I’m happy to say that we are in good hands when it’s time for me to pass the torch to the next generation of maniacs! This band isn’t trying to be “retro” or super duper old school. They just get together and jam some deadly thrash metal mayhem that will break down your door, kick your ass, kill you, then go to the next house to do the same!”

“Madrost/Maleficent (Self Released) The music is an insane assault of brutal thrash that hits fast and hit hard. Total speed/thrash with the intensity of a raging bull. The singer is awesome as hit smashes through the speed with his intense vocal delivery. The production is great and the guitar sound I love. This will have your neck snapping within seconds. This is great thrash/speed metal of the highest order. This is one of the best releases of 2012 bar none. Total old school thrash assault”

“California's upstart thrashers, Madrost, show a high level of maturity on their self-released debut album. After a short interlude of clean guitar and some drumming, Crypt Keeper bursts out of the speakers with destructive riffs that churn like a buzzsaw. The vocals burn with deathly venom and enhance the aggression of the song which at times brings to mind a more primitive Dark Angel. A Slayer-esque opening riff does maximum damage on Aggressive Nihilism. The track then drops into some catchy death metal passages that bring the focus on the spiteful voice of Tanner. A rockin' thrash riff and galloping pace sets a determined mood for Desecrator. I am reminded somewhat of a heavier, thrashier version of Venom as I hear this song. Actually, I have changed my mind, I hear early Metallica here. Good stuff. A Bathory-ish riff darkens the sound on Good Ol' Fashioned Violence before the song drops into a meaty mosh part and a brooding groove. And then I am sawn in half by the infect”

“Based on the full-length, this band indulge in raw primal speed/thrash of the old school which souns appealing both because of the fairly decent execution, and due to the appropriate retro sound production. The singer spits venom and fire in a way no worse than Darren Travis (Sadus) and Ingo (the first Necrodeath vocalist) and does the main damage leading this relentless barrage also adding a few fitting screams to the melee which strongly recalls early Kreator and Sodom. "Necrosis" is the laid-back thrash rocker which disappoint abit near the end since it leads after it the epic melodic "hammer" "Under The Hammer" the excuse for those digressions coming in the form of the super-headbanging delight "Zombie Grinder" which will shatter your world for just over 3-min.”

“The drums were much too high in the mix, but the band did put on a good show. The diminutive figure of frontman Tanner Poppitt was surprisingly powerful, both in performance and stage presence. His vocals were fun to listen to. It was cool to see the variations in their set with the slower, death metal-style riffs, and their cover of Hirax’ ‘Bombs Of Death’ was a real old-school touch that most people were able to appreciate. In all, Madrost did most things right and warmed up the main stage nicely for the acts to come. - See more at: http://metalassault.com/gig_reviews/2013/05/12/the-return-of-thrasho-de-mayo/#sthash.MsWZNUkL.dpuf”

“I was impressed by their performance at last month’s Thrasho De Mayo, but I was definitely curious to find out how they come across at a better-sounding venue. Last night I got that opportunity as guitarist/vocalist Tanner Poppitt arrived with his band mates to devastate this gathering at the Joint. In the truest sense, they blew away the crowd with their ferocious set of tunes played with the kind of strength and vigor that forced all those unfamiliar with the band to take notice immediately. Besides his monstrous growls, that pocket-sized dynamo Tanner truly won the crowd over with his high-pitched screams that were a glorious throwback to a bygone era of old-school thrash. Their music itself sounded dynamic and powerful, and the sheer unpredictability of it was reminiscent of the very early days of Megadeth. You couldn’t tell what was coming next, but you had a fair idea that it was going to be awesome anyway. Tanner, who looked like a miniature version of how Dave Mustaine...”

“The next band was Madrost, a thrash band I highly enjoyed the last time I saw them at the Joint. They took an eternity to set up, and the clock ticked past 6:40 before they were ready to begin their set. But still, their performance made it largely worth the wait. Led by their diminutive high-octane vocalist/guitarist Tanner Poppitt, they tore into a set of ferocious thrash tunes and got the heads in the front couple of rows banging at full speed. Their six-song set included a brand new song called ‘Universal Energy’, which was a good taste of what to expect from their next album. They got their full allotted set time, but it seemed way too short and I could have easily done with another 30 minutes of Madrost. I could not believe they were so low on the bill, but eventually that was a good thing because had they been higher on the bill, I would be waiting several hours to see their set. Tanner said the band will be taking a break from shows at least for a couple of months...”