Mad Nomad / Press

"Rock ’n’ roll with a lot of punk passion. [...] Hard-charging anthems constructed with down-stroking guitar riffs and the kind of drumming that punishes the snare and the high-hat. Music in your face, punishing even, but still melodic. Verses that punch and choruses that ring out."

"Black Out is a cohesive mix of hard rock, punk, screamo metal, ’90s pop rock and even twinges of ’80s metal, all held together with an accessible and undeniable sense of melody. These are songs for the mosh pit and for fist-pumping singalongs.

"The group plays an amped-up sort of indie rock that's informed by the classics (Replacements, Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr.) and unabashedly guitar-centric. They remind me a bit of the Springsteen-gone-punk sounds of Against Me! circa 'New Wave.'"