Madison X / Press

““Xtacy” by Madison X is an attention-grabbing collection of energetic and highly dancable hip-hop tunes. Bangin’ beats, catchy musical leads, and free-flowing lyrical arrangements lay the foundation of this very memorable album. One of the most appealing aspects of this CD is the poetic and skillful rhymes used to tackle topics like street life, money, and sex appeal. The lyrically autobiographical “It’s Showtime” stands out, in that it provides a clear example of Madison X’s noncompromising, straighforward, and down-to-earth rapping style. “Kill Myself” shines with its more mellow instrumental composition and Madison X’s rapid-fire rapping. Moreover, “Cover Girl” flaunts a very contagious rhythm and percussion arrangement, and introduces a memorable female-sung chorus. With solid and creative production. There is no question that this CD is ready for the airwaves and the dance-floor. Fans of Eminem and Lil’ Wayne will find a ton of new favorites on “Xtacy.”