The Madisons / Press

"The Madisons go green on new album"

"The Madisons. Oh, yeah -- what a smooth act this is. Ruel Russell, the bass player, calls it "Torchy Blues". He and drummer Lee Hamilton nail down the rhythm section like a pair of psycho twins linked together at the groove. They are beyond tight. Together they are a band themselves. The "Torchy" part comes from the vocal work of Lizzie Harrah. Her smoky-smooth vocals drip all over the lyrics and melody with confidence, presence, and sincere conviction. She works it like the pro she is and flows in and around the music. Her incidental keyboard playing adds another dimension to the music, as well...."

“Lizzie Harrah is a producer, engineer, songwriter, keyboardist, and singer. She was described by Billy Gibbons as, “the perfect woman due to her ability to discuss the 3 Gs - gear, gaming and guitars”. We first met when I was visiting my best friend, Roger Tausz, at his job at Digital Services recording studio where Lizzie was engineering tracks for ZZ Top.”

“The creation of enigmatic producer/musician/performer Lizzie Harrah, the Madisons are the Hollisters' Denny Dale (upright bass) and Houston live-music fixtures Stevie Wilson (drums) and Teri Greene (guitar). Recorded live at Houston's Digital Services, Drive retains a lazy, altogether intimate feel. But the guys are kept on their toes by Harrah's nimble piano work and sultry, sentimental originals, which run the gamut from loungey swing and saloon-style ragtime jazz to simmering rhythm and blues, and the occasional soul/pop torch ballad.”

“Sultry blues and jazz undertones mark the spot for this Houston combo. The Madisons, featuring Miss Lizzie Harrah have released "DRIVE" and it's a journey into the no-deejay, swinging paradise, after-hours blues scene. Close your eyes and you'll smell the smoke-filled rooms where forbidden lovers dance cheek to cheek to the sounds of today, riding the rhythm rails of yesteryear. Lizzie Harrah's voice is honed just for this, and the arrangements make the disc a must-own for mature blues fans and 'newbies' alike. One listen makes you a fan of the music, and a second time through gets you into the world of Harrah whose words are at times almost too poetic for the soul-searching jazz-influenced blues. There are no mindless twelve-bar trips to nothingness on this album. Welcome to Lizzie's Lounge, grab a seat, fire up a stogie and prepare for a movement of the soul. ”

“Lizzie Harrah and Ruel Russell are the core members of this group that hailed out of Houston, Texas for many years, where The Madisons was one of the favorite acts in the region. Lizzie Harrah is a musical story in and of herself. A composer (scoring and engineering numerous compositions for commercial advertising clients), recording artist (voice and keys talent for Timbuk3, Michael Jackson, and ZZ Top amongst many), and studio ace (having spent seventeen years working solely for ZZ Top where she pre-produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed their studio sessions). ”