Madisons / Press

““Madisons, a local collective that can reach a dozen members onstage, includes pedal steel and trumpet on occasion, but stomping rhythms and soaring melodies fit the mold with a Texas twist.””

Jim Caligiuri - The Austin Chronicle

“These guys and gals will have you singing along and melting your face at the same time.”

“They have a full, rich sound and Dominic’s voice has one of the most intriguing twangs to it that I’ve ever heard. If you were there this early in the day, it should have been pretty hard for you not to become a fan of The Madisons, and they are a must check out act.”


“I could go on and on about the incredibly skilled musicians in the band, the fantastic arrangements, or frontman Dominic Solis' sexy, sexy voice, but I suppose all you need to know is that Madisons write and perform some absolutely cracking tunes.”


“The Austin country-folk group Madisons were victorious!”