Madison Rose / Press

“Personality wise Madison draws you in. She is energetic, jubilant, and charismatic, working the stage and the boys. The guys eat it up.”

“Rock N Roll Industries welcomes Madison and Justyn, the founding members of Madison Rose, into our offices to discuss their upcoming album and their ongoing musical career”

““I truly feel that it picked me,” she says. “I didn’t just decide one day ‘Hey, I’m gonna sing rock music.’ The music just spoke to me loud and clear, and I listened. My writing and my personal style just evolved from there, now I eat, drink, breath, live Rock and Roll!” Madison’s not rocking and rumbling alone. On tracks like the blistering lead single “Kissin’ In Your Cadillac” and the heavy duty emotional “Teenage Runaway,” she’s vibing with renowned surf-rock guitarist Gary Hoey and her multi-talented brother and musical partner in crime Justyn, dubbed “Justyn the Stuntman” for the many hats he dons (songwriter, bassist, guitarist, mentor) as he helps his younger sister hone in on her powerful sound.”


“When one of the top 100 guitarists of all time gives you a nickname … it sticks. World renowned guitarist Gary Hoey called him the “Stuntman” because he would jump around and play guitar, bass, drums, songwriter, and producer. So Justyn “The Stuntman” Czarnecki ran with it. He also designs his own guitars while forging a career as a guitarist and producer."”

“Though she counts her influences as everyone from Van Halen and The Beatles to Stevie Nicks, 17-year-old singer/songwriter dynamo Madison Rose channels her inner Joan Jett when— in dishing on her explosive debut full-length recording Aftershock—she boldly declares to the world “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll!"”

“Adding to the powerful good vibrations of Aftershock – Madison Rose‘s debut album – is the runaway success of the 17-year old rocker’s video for her debut single “Teenage Runaway.””

“The 17-Year-Old Rocker’s Song Earns a 2011 Hollywood Music In Media Award (HMMA) Nomination For Best Pop Song and Music Video Has Over 75,000 Views on YouTube, Aired on Trace TV, California Music Channel (CMC), Bay Area Show TV Pop, E Vision Pool And RNR TV in Baltimore/DC Adding to the powerful good vibrations of Aftershock–Madison Rose’s (www.madisonroserocks.com) debut album—is the runaway success of the 17-year old rocker’s video for her debut single “Teenage Runaway.””

"The Track from Madison`s Explosive Debut "Aftershock" Was Co-Written With Her Brother Justyn "The Stuntman" And "Famed Rock Guitarist GaryHoey" Who Also Co-Produced the Full Length Album with Madison..."

““Teenage Runaway,” is an emotional power ballad that Madison wrote about her experiences trying to help a self-destructive friend. Madison feels that, “most people can relate to the emotional struggles that happen in our teen years and the feelings of isolation and loneliness that make us want to run away not just physically, but emotionally as well.” The message she hopes to convey with her song is that, “there are people who care about you, even if it’s a friend, you just have to open your eyes and see that they are there for you.” Madison wrote the lyrics, and the music was co-written with her brother and musical partner Justyn, who is dubbed “The Stuntman” for the many hats he wears as a songwriter, bassist, guitarist, mentor, as well as famed rock guitarist Gary Hoey—who also co-produced Aftershock.”

“One listen to "Teenage Runaway," the first single from new ASCAP member Madison Rose's forthcoming album Aftershock, and it's clear: this Floridian dynamo has vocal chops and songwriting prowess that belie her age. At only 17 years old, Rose is in place to join that long line of self-assured rock 'n roll vixens like Joan Jett, Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks. And she isn't doing it alone. For the past ten years, Rose's guitarist brother Justyn "The Stuntman" Czarnecki - himself a new ASCAP member - has been her main partner in musical mayhem. For the Aftershock sessions, they also enlisted the production and writing talents of ASCAP member and surf-rock legend Gary Hoey. Fans will have to wait another few months to hear the fruits of their labor, but in the meantime, Rose is thrilled at her choice of PRO: "Its an honor to be a part of the ASCAP community with other songwriters and musicians that I admire..."”

“Madison Rose's Debut Single "Teenage Runaway" is a Runaway Success! She is named one of Music Connections Hot 100 Unsigned Artists”

“Music Connection's annual, eagerly awaited Hot 100 list spotlight those artists and bands made a big impact on us over the past few months”