Maddy Ellwanger / Press

“Foxy Shazam, SLO and Maddy Ellwanger at Summit Music Hall. The thing that really hooked me about Maddy Ellwanger’s performance was her voice. Stage gimmicks, props and everything else aside, this woman is absolutely talented. Though the vocals were a little bit too low for my liking, her chirps and coos and the way that she really pushed her voice throughout her entire set was enough to captivate not only me, but everyone else in the crowd, even prompting a few shouted “I love you”s from some guys in the front. Maddy Ellwanger was honestly just the perfect choice of support for a band like Foxy Shazam – she was just the right mix of strange and talented that kept everyone on their toes and had me cheering on by the end of her set as she threw glitter into the crowd.”

“Maddy Ellwanger "Pity Party" album Gruesome Minds; This is the latest from Boulder, Colorado based alt-rock songstress Maddy Ellwanger, and it knocked me flat on my ass. There is something incredibly bold, dark and twisted about Ellwanger, that speaks directly to both an eye for the strange and a clever, thought-provoking lyricist and entertainer that is brewing just breathe the surface. She could easily exist within the same realm as an artist like Marilyn Manson once did. Eyes pealed for this one.”

“Maddy Ellwanger is our next T.U.K. sponsored band!”

“Song "Pity Party" "Now for something rather more visceral from the delightfully named Maddy Ellwanger. Her music is rather difficult to define without using the word ‘unhinged.’ And this track, which is free to download, is compelling, slightly bonkers, and occasionally terrifying. If you were to imagine Marina And The Diamonds in a straitjacket jamming with Trent Reznor whilst listening to the Delta Five it might give you some idea of just how off the wall she is. It’s pop music Jim, but not as we know it !”

“Colorado’s Maddy Ellwanger creates an unbelievable noise with break neck bass lines and her undeniably captivating vocal. She cites Marilyn Manson and Marina and the Diamonds as an influence. It’s clear from description alone that Maddy Ellwanger's not your ordinary singer songwriter. She can be found charging around the studio at a thousand electronvolts a minute on her lead song “Karla the Strange”. Maddy Ellwanger also replicates the chemical quality of cocaine on the song’s recent video, available to stream below. Elsewhere Maddy Ellwanger chirps, chirrups and bahs over softer instrumentation. All the while she maintains an element of insanity and audible goodness comparable only to the world’s weirdest (and most successful) female musicians.”

“Tied for first place are Angel Fall's parking lot performance of "Drunk Enough" and Maddy Ellwanger's chill-inducing "Kill Them All". They are some of the most talented musicians we've ever had the opportunity of working with, and we're still beyond excited to have them on Punk Nation. Angels Fall and Maddy Ellwanger are the winners of The Loft Video of The Year!”

“We absolutley adore Maddy Ellwanger and after you read our interview you won't wonder why. She's quirky, talented and little strange. Her music is great, her voice is one of a kind and something tells us she'd get along great with our favorite pop star Cady Groves. I dare you not to have fun while listening to her unique version of new age/indie-pop. Check out what she had to say to us below, then pick up your free copy of her album "Roscoe"!”

“A self-taught guitarist, Maddy Ellwanger has earned fans by posting YouTube covers of bands such as Owl City, Foster The People and Cage The Elephant. The Boulder, Colorado, singer/songwriter has simple, yet brave, goals: “I want to be able to change people’s point of view on the music industry,” she says. “Nobody appreciates real music anymore.” Ellwanger says her influences are “constantly changing”—which bodes well for her dream to play at major festivals such as the Bamboozle and Warped Tour in the future.”