Maddie Wilson / Press

“Big country-pop from a small-town girl -- that’s Maddie Wilson. The rising Provo musician will perform at Country Fest on Friday, and fans can snap photos with the country singer after the show. At age 17, Wilson reached more More than two-thirds of Wilson’s fans are between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Wilson recognizes the influence music has on people, especially younger fans. She said there are artists out there with the same fan base as her own, but with material that influences fans in “a terrible way.” “There's so much garbage in the music industry, but there’s also so much good stuff,” Wilson said.”

“Maddie has a natural beautiful way about her and her music. She is professional beyond her years and has a powerful, yet innocent voice. Anyone with the privilege of working with Maddie will soon come to realize why she is a rare breed in this industry--an honest, beautiful, talented, song-writer, and performer.”

Richard Priddis - Priddis Music Company

“We believe that Maddie will be a huge star in the Music Industry.”

“Maddie Wilson Sweeping The Charts”

"We love this cover of Good Girl"

“LYRIC GENIUS!! Its almost scary how good you are. The most beautiful composition. Pure, utter bliss. BEYOND IMPRESSIVE. Wow! amazing!! YOUR TONE CONTINUES TO AMAZE ME...FLAWLESS! WHAT WILL SHE DO NEXT?”

“It must be stated for the record that you were one of the few YouTube musicians who was indirectly responsible for having made me fall in love with country music !!! Excellent Production, quality of songwriting, musicianship and all around vocal performance *****/5 Stars Excellence”

“I'm soldier in Afghanistan this is the first time I had even heard it. Its a beautiful song. It's rough out here and to know that there are those out there that don't judge us because of our orders, it's a relief where not hated by all. I'm looking for military funeral song for my Battle Bro who was KIA while we were out on patrol. This may do it, he loved this song and so did his wife.”

Soldier - Youtube

“I love your voice! You have a great natural, earthy tone that very few young female singers I've heard have. But the thing that's really struck me by listening to your videos is your pitch, control, sustain and delivery are all near perfect! I think you are going to do very well!!”