Mac Leaphart / Press

"Many people can craft sad and morose tales that draw the listener in, but few can do that and make them sound so good, the way Leaphart does here."


“ "Mac Leaphart’s solo record, Line. Rope. Etc., is a songwriting tour-de-force, with tunes that draw from the best of the country-folk tradition (think Kristofferson, John Prine, Gram Parsons), and a few times allows himself to slip into the comfortable sweet spot between Southern rock n’ roll and pure honky-tonk bliss."”

Scene SC

““With his salty swagger, Mac Leaphart is the kind of artist who writes tunes that should be famous. Leaphart’s raspy tenor sells the hardscrabble scenes to the max.” - ”

Greenville Metromix

““This guy may just single-handedly save country music. ””

Skope Magazine

"Charleston's own answer to Hayes Carll-'Line, Rope, Etc' one of the 10 best of the year."

Stratton Lawrence - Charleston City Paper

““A rowdy set, that seems to meld Gram Parsons with the "Sticky Fingers" era Rolling Stones.””

Devin Grant - Charleston Post and Courier