Knife / Press

“Mackey’s back in town. After a year living and working in Jacksonville, Kedrick Mack —co–founder of Savannah’s frontier–busting hip hop ensemble Dope Sandwich — has returned with a vengeance.”

“You were born in Baltimore, raised in Africa before finally settling in Savannah. How has moving around influenced your music? ”

“The 2000 yard stare is a term popularized during World War II to describe the broken and vacant look smeared across the faces of American soldiers. The “stare” was directly correlated with post-traumatic stress disorder, and was typically the earliest and most noticeable sign of a mental breakdown. 70 years later, The Knife, an emcee from Savannah, Georgia, produces an album bearing the same name, drenched in disgust, dissatisfaction, and self-loathing. 2000 Yard Stare is consistent, in that it never waivers from it’s theme of hopelessness and anger, all delivered with dark wit, and explicit descriptions of the inner workings of The Knife. Songs like “I Hate Myself,” and “Everybody Who Likes Me,” and “Bleed” delve deep into the mind of a depressive, worn out, disturbed soldier, teetering the line of insanity. more.... ”