“With a lush, atmospheric quality that permeates their progressive post-hardcore, Machree balance each song somewhere between epic and intimate.”

Alternative Press

“Machree is the kind of band that reminds us of what it means to be innovative. These six guys from St. Louis have ignored the conventions of genre lines in favor of something more meaningful and honest.”

Substream Magazine

“Machree is an innovative band with REAL talent on every level. Great songs. Great players. Awesome dudes.”

Kris Crummett - Interlace Audio Recordings

“If you want to see a phenomenal live band that puts every ounce of energy into their show and connects with the audience...see Machree.”

Nicholas Crescenzo - The Dear Hunter

“Machree is one of, if not the, most talented new bands out right now.”

Bradley Bell - Chiodos

“The guys play amazing stuff. They really give me hope for new music.”

Paul Koehler - Silverstein

“St. Louis, Missouri's Machree bring you a unique blend of space-driven rock, hardcore and laid back atmospheric metal...These guys bring a sound big enough to fill a stadium, and then some.”


“What Machree have produced is an electric and forceful fusion of progressive post-hardcore with a definitive ambiance...They partner time-shifting metal with dramatic rock to create a truly unique sound. The ability to combine what would normally be genre-defining elements has allowed Machree to stand out.”


“Machree's extraterrestrial post-hardcore expands upon the templates of groups such as Cave In and Codeseven, both of which grew tired of rigid subculture restrictions...While their musical arrangements outfox most instrumental acts today, Patrick Baum's confident tenor gives the tracks a gravitational pull freed from clichés of screamo, hardcore or any other genre with the "post" prefix."”

Riverfront Times

“If there was a reward for most innovative underground sound, Machree could most likely expect to win it. While they are labeled as progressive/experimental rock, it’s rather hard to put a solid finger on them.”

Lexington Music Press