Machines of Penalty / Press

“Song/Word/Spirit Min... great songs ...great sound!! (((great vocals!!))) keep up the good work!!! may you have much success in all the good you do peace and love to you mop ”

Rodney davis - New York press

“ Your band is Fn AWESOME!! I have seen you before, but it's been awhile! You sounded great at Rebel!! I was really blown away! Can't wait to see the band again!! Rock On !!”

Karen Morrison

“Great job last night guys!! thanks for everything. we'll have more shows for you in the future”

“ With a start like the one Angel had at the Trocadero, I can't imagine ferocity his singing will hit crowd at Warehouse 24. Looking forward to his next appearance on stage and love seeing how fans are in awe with the new vocal stylings of the band. You got to come see them. You will be throughly impressed.”

"Machines of Penalty [more than] 10,000,(viewers)"