Machete / Press

“Local band Machete is hoping for Pictou County to come through once again as the voting capital of Canada. The Pictou-based band is vying for a spot on the Vans Warped Tour at the Toronto festival date through the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. “The top 100 buzz-rated bands are reviewed by a panel of four industry professionals, and the the top four will be selected to play the 2013 Toronto Warped Tour show,” explains Machete drummer Eli Hollett. “Song plays, facebook likes, and twitter followers also play into the buzz rating,” explains Hollett. “So visit Machete on Facebook or @macheteattitude on Twitter.” The Toronto show is on July 5 so voting for that show will wrap up around mid June, approximately three weeks before the show date according to Hollett. Machete is also preparing to enter the studio to begin recording their newest album. “We hope people will check us out and vote,” says Hollett. “It would be an amazing opportunity.” .”

“Grungy garage grooves oozing out of every speaker. Nineteen-nineties punkisms cranked up to ten. Small-town anxieties billow out like dope smoke. Add alcohol, and stir. MACHETE don't nessessarily target the youth, but rather anyone with a brain who cares open their ears and minds. You fans of Helmet, Prong, Lagwagon and Furnace Face finally have your soundtrack to the murder of auto-tune. And all hail the rebirth of the skater's jam! This debut is packed to the gills with fist pumpers, boot stompers, and heart chargers. As if the patch cord was plugged directly into your soul; the disc gets it done and gets out before it gets old, the way it should. All while maintaining a sense of humor and having a kick-ass Wayne's World style party, MACHETE crack a fresh start in a scene that's over-run with pretentous music snobs who simply don't understand rock. They pose the question "What is so hard to undertand?" And their answer is "You plug in, you give'r, and that's all she wrote, bud."”

Dan Crews - SharkWolfApe