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""Sweet Talk Intervention" is super-tight and stocked with the ingredients for success: popping rhythms, humming bass drives, sticky guitar riffs and an energetic vocalist who exhibits a solid combination of street sense and a soulful command over his delivery. As a band, these guys possess rock 'n roll smarts treading toward the sleazy sound of Sunset without getting ankle-deep dirty. Instead, MACH-22 has a classy method that sits well, no matter if you were there back in the day or if you're chasing the ghosts of the Troubadour."

"It's rare that you come across a band who is so obviously musically intelligent, diverse yet have power, punch and attitude. MACH22 fits the bill. They have what it takes to appeal to rock fans, soul aficionados...anyone who enjoys into songs oozing class."

Malcolm Dome Totalrock.com-London, England

"Sweet Talk Intervention is very guitar driven, but not all the same all the time. The majority of the songs bear a very close resemblance in musical style to the ones on the legendary Appetite For Destruction album. What stands up on this record, and really sets it apart from the other great releases of 2014, are the vocals. Caldwell has a very rich musical background. His voice is very soulful, and even though he doesn't hesitate to scream when needed, his delivery is much smoother and funk influenced than that of your average hard rock vocalist. Sweet Talk Intervention is really worth getting -- not only do you get a very good hard rock effort, but you'll also hear something different to anything you might have listened to recently. This album is highly recommended to any rock fan eager to hear his favorite style of music crafted with a diverse and peculiar twist."

"Solid, at times great guitar work is the order of the day throughout topped off by unusually soulful vocals courtesy of Lamont Caldwell. Sweet Talk Intervention straddles the borderline betwixt metal and hard rock with some considerable aplomb. If we ever get any summer here in the UK this would be an ideal record to have on with the windows wide open or with the top down. It's a big-hearted rock album of the kind which is too rare these days."

"The strength of this album lies both in its variety and the skillful balance between the old and the new – the classic and the contemporary. Sweet Talk Intervention is late ‘80s hard rock sound with a modern twist and this, along with fine musicianship, makes Mach22 one of the more interesting debuts of the year. Recommended."

"The era of Rock N’ Roll has been dead for a long time. In fact, ever since they found out that hairspray has been a deciding factor in the removal of ozone, its been just slowly sliding into a golden memory. Until now. The days of actually knowing how to do more than play a simple power chord pattern has given way to a true Rock band: MACH 22. These guys are as fast as their name, with sweet, sweet crunch, fried chicken-tasty licks, and some energy to spare!"

"Mach22 doesn't try to reinvent the arena/hard rock wheel, but when they do it, they don't sound like anyone else"

"this candy box is smacked with funky and fresh rock 'n' roll...They deliver something new and interesting and the whole album screams rock 'n' roll"

"the level of both the song material as well as the performance can be qualified as very high...band has also succeeded to create something which can be appreciated by people into more solid (classic orientated) rock, as well as more mainstream audiences"

"Who's looking for a current hard rock album of a young and fresh band for soothing the first warm days of the year, is pretty well served hereby. Mach22 offer a rather clear mix of Guns'n'Roses, Cinderella and so on and from time to time they slip in a bit of the spirit of Deep Purple, Extreme or similar bands. The disc delivered me fine entertainment and I had a whole lot of fun"

"if you like LED ZEPELLIN and LENNY KRAVITZ, it is extremely likely you will love the hell out of this band."

"Every now and then you hear a band that could well be “the next big thing”, and with Philadelphia’s Mach22 we could well indeed have the next big thing.The band take us on a high octane journey through their debut ten-track opus; the kind of record that has the pulsating power and swagger of classic Guns N’ Roses mixed with the sleazy snarl of Aerosmith, the bombastic pomp of Led Zeppelin and with a dash of funk and soul thrown in for good measure. Many bands with potential are thrown into the lion’s den and picked apart by critics due to a certain lacking, but Mach22 have all the qualities it takes to be the next name on everyone’s lips. With an extra touch of oomph the subsequent opus should be that which sees Mach22 as headliners rather than followers. Sweet Talk Intervention has enough funk in its trunk to keep your foot tapping, your knee jerking and your hips shaking."

" ..big riffs shot through with bluesy rhythms and a nod to the greats of classic rock, yet with a refreshing modern touch."

"100% grade A hard rock music that goes for the throat and pulls no punches! Sweet Talk Intervention' is completely satisfying from beginning to end. It's all killer and no filler. With as much variety as these rockers serve up, it's hard to go wrong. Mach22 is a pure rock and roll band...these talented musicians are writing their own chapter in the the book of rock. Not retro nor alternative...a sound simply titled MACH22!"

"Sweet Talk Intervention is full-on, no filler, straight up, rock-n-roll. MACH22 could possibly be THE band to become the shot in the arm of this industry for 2014. It’s been a long time comin’ and a very welcomed attitude and change. MACH22 could very well take hard rock where bands like Buckcherry & Velvet Revolver should’ve gone….TO THE TOP!!!"

"MACH22 will deliver a rocket start in the top 10 with their debut, perhaps, for their songs burn up in the stratosphere"

"Talk about a promising debut from Philly rockers Mach 22, their soulful classic rock has already made Slash a big fan...we´re talking steamin´ rocknroll here"

"If Slash feat Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Black Stone Cherry, Lenny Kravitz and Mötley Crüe had one big orgy and a love child was born, it would be Mach22."

“Sweet Talk Intervention" goes above and beyond anyone's expectations! There's more than enough in the way of good times to be had on the band's debut and while this house of rock might have been built on hard rock and roll and blues rock MACH22 never rests on it's laurels!"”

"Sweet Talk Intervention is one of the greatest rock records to come out in years and is a proud testament to the neverending triumph of this kind of music."

"classic melodic hard rock, with a bit of the blues, and a metal edge tossed in for good measure"

““MACH22.... A great live show and talent that really shines through in well written, confident and catchy songs with solid rock riffs and engaging lyrics. I really look forward to hearing all that this band has to offer.” ”

Paul Jaxon - 93.3 WMMR-FM Philadelphia

"MACH22 create songs that are a mishmash of hard rock, soulful melody and funk...it's good that they don't stick to one particular musical formula!"

Black Velvet Magazine-UK

"MACH22 is a perfect blend of rock and soul...their live show is not to be missed!!"

DJ Junior 91.7 FM-WKDU Philadelphia

"Big fuzzy guitars and leather clad funk outfit the raw soul of Lamont Caldwell's voice--creating a sound that is classic for an audience that is Eclectic!"

Keith Donaldson 88.1 FM-WMBR Boston