Erick Macek / Press

"I wouldn't change anything about what you do."

Blake Shelton - The Voice

“I haven’t heard one person get that much sound out of a guitar since the King of the Blues competition at House of Blues. Erick’s ability to interweave some wonderful, intricate guitar with relatable, yet poetic lyrics created an intimacy that wouldn’t be expected.”

“Erick Macek could be a superstar overnight, no editing needed. Outgoing, effulgent, even a tad jittery, Macek is good-looking, but unassuming–until he gets on stage, that is. After the show, Macek was greeted at his merch table by audience members who can obviously hear the possibility of something big in his voice and his stage presence.”

“An “Aries Man,” Erick Macek is many things. He’s a “dreamer,” a “go-getter,” an athlete, a “deep conversationalist,” a graphic designer, a contestant on two reality television “star-making” television shows and a singer-songwriter “optimistically” entrenched in the magic of his craft.”

"Erick Macek is destined to leave his mark and be captured in the same breath as heavy hitters such as Dave Matthews Band or G. Love and The Special Sauce. See what makes this up and comer such a heavy hitter ..."

Geoff Dellinger - Entertainment World

"The album (Just Right) is a solid release that, for fans of both John Mayer and folk music, should be just right"

Matthew Collins - The Morning Call

"Macek's warm and inviting voice could make him a pop prince. His arrangements are an intriguing mix of soul and rock, often going in whimsical direction."

Carla Di Fonzo - Intelligencer Journal

"Macek is the Real Deal"

Erin Cahill - actress

"Macek's caffeine-infused performances are part of reemerging genre of coffeehouse crooners, full of open-mic banter and free refills on kitsch."

Dave Brooks - Daily Pilot

“Ultimate Insiders: Man of the Month”

"Partygoers stopped shopping long enough to hear rising star Erick macek on the guitar-judging by his swooning fans and undeniably catch tunes, this guy is definitely one to watch."

Kersten Wehde - Riviera