“Mac's music is very popular with the U.T. crowd and his persistent "do it yourself approach to promoting himself is a sight to behold. His hard work, passion, and dedication both on and off stage sets him apart from the many other local musicians in Knoxville. We're proud to play his tunes!”

“Mac Comer features a slashing guitar style that evokes Dave Matthews crossed with Richie Havens. His raspy voice seemingly borrows from no one.”

“In Comer's lifting Southern twang...he finds a balance of galloping folk and swaggering country.”


“...from the soft melodies of "She Knows She's Beautiful" to the genre crossing "White Boy in the Lac,'" "Something New" is quite the conglomeration.”

The Daily Beacon

“Mac Comer is a local acoustic favorite in Knoxville, TN and is a popular local artist.”

““Singer-songwriter Mac Comer has come a long way from his days as Knoxville’s lovable stoner who played a mean set of bongos and kicked up a dust storm on the acoustic guitar.””