M3RRITT / Press

"Best Music In The Des Moines Area...No, IOWA Period.

Breezy Ploeger

“You Guys are F***ing AWESOME :)”


“Merritt screams really good, and PEACE is sick with his flow on the rapping”

Sam Ridlen

“the group last moment is not only the best type of music you can ever hear but is also full of the greatest people you will ever meet you'll soon see them at the top”

Deadman (aka Zack Miller)

“Hell yea dis shit goes hard but its cooler seein them in da studio makin shit happen, just ask and they will let yall come watch. $10 only lol jk”

Baked Blake

“You guys are creative and crazy individuals. i'd listen to them every day, and i do.”

Chrissy Cole - Chrissy Cole