M3NSA / Press

““M3NSA is, for my money, the most original and exciting artist there is working in the field of where Hip-hop and African music meet.””

Stephen Budd - MAMA Group

“Considered by many as one of the hardest working men in the fusion of TRUE SCHOOL HIP HOP and WEST AFRICAN HOME GROWN HIPLIFE”

Last FM

“'M3NSA is one of the most respected rappers in Ghana and one of the mainstays since the beginning of the hiplife movement”


"Pure, undiluted earthly talent!"

Reggie Rockstone (Reginald Osei, the Godfather of Hiplife) - Quoted

“M3NSA (singer, songwriter, producer, one of the most respected Ghanaian Hiplife pioneers today) presents new album No.1 Mango Street with full live band, the Light Offs plus DJs AJ Kwame and Volta Fourtyfive at Rich Mix, London on Saturday 2nd October. Ghana’s number one beat-maker. The show-stopper. The flow-proper, The non-blinger (BRKN LNGWJZ) that is acclaimed MC, singer and producer M3NSA launches his first international album in London. Come and see M3NSA tear the roof off with a typically gripping performance of new music from this highly anticipated album, live with his 7-piece band aptly called the Light Offs. Named among the BBC’s Top 50 Ghanaians to be watched.”