M-16 / Press

“We Are Back! Coming To A Club Soon with New Songs and to Debut Our New Drummer Rob Kucharski. We are Looking forward to seeing All of Our Dedicated Fans and Friends and we look forward to making new ones as well, so keep a lookout for M-16's Gig Announcement!”

Lenny - Back In Action!

"If you’re a serious collector of cult hard rock and heavy metal from the ‘80s, Locked and Re-Loaded should go straight to the top of your buy list".

“Heaven and Hell Records uncover another forgotten gem from 1980s New York. The competitive scene was full of great hard rock and heavy metal bands but only few would rise to the top, Schenectady’s M-16 were one of those who did. By 1988 the band released their only album to date, ‘Locked and Loaded’, a solid piece of hook filled melodic hard rock. By the following year, M-16 would disband. Almost two decades later the band would reform to go out and the circuit again to play for those who hold fond memories of a time that just simply rocked. Heaven and Hell Records just released M-16 ‘Locked and Loaded’ for the first time ever on CD. The reissue is part of the ‘Lost Relics’ series and will be re-mastered and include bonus tracks and more.”