Müldeponie / Press

"These four tracks blend together for a serene background, which neither bores the listener nor is overly emotional. The dark side is a song for the Ravens, a lamentation for the Dead. This threnody is only mistaken in the use of the term ‘dark’, for this is simply the peaceful moment of no longer having to be in this human form, the release of spirit into the void of unknown. All terrifying aspects release like smoke into the air, leaving only the ashes and the soon to be forgotten tears of loved ones. A funeral bell lies over the tenebrous songs like a veil over a widows eyes, who weeping wipes her eyes with a black lacy handkerchief, sobbing into the shoulder of others who are equally lamenting their own loss. Yet, none of this is to be feared, it is only death, and soon this too will be yet another memory to dissipate with the sands of time. The synths create an atmospheric background that fits along the style of the aforementioned acts and things like Midnight Syndicate."

“When Dreams Are Fire, and the World is Dreams is certainly not a bad start for Müldeponie. In fact, it makes me crave more. So lets hope the band continues to impress the masses with their dark sounds of solitude. Fans of the genre might not consider anything new going on here but it is sure worth a listen or two in complete and utter darkness.”

"The music overall is pretty constant as any ambient/noise project should be. There are a few climatic parts throughout the tracks that just grasp you into a somber void. The Dark Side (Part 2) brings forth reminisces of their previous effort of experimental dark sounds and samples of which I am sure fans of the older material will adore. Of both sides, The Other Side tracks are probably my favorite tracks as they display more sadistic melancholy in an eerie yet beautiful dream-like state of mind. They also, in my opinion, have seem to be done with more emotional value but then again we are on the other side, where, if chosen, a heaven-like place or endless pit of hell, depending on the person, things are beautiful."