Ménage Quad / Press

“Inaugurando um novo ritmo?? O Ménage Quad fazem uma música que eles chamam de Swing Hop. Que é uma mistura de Electroswing e Hip Hop. Já publiquei algumas músicas de electroswing aqui uma, ó. É um ritmo alegre, dançante e no meio do caminho vem com as vozes do hip hop. Curti! A música é “Listen to the Music“.”

"A breath of fresh air."


“Ménage Quad is a new group out of Minneapolis, MN who combine electro swing and West Coast hip-hop. As far as I know, this is their one and only song right now but I was full blown shocked when I first listened to it. Was not expecting anything like this to work so well.”

“This is the first time you’ll hear a song like this. Ménage Quad have categorized this song in a new genre, called: 'swing hop'. Pretty awesome if you ask me – and a well deserved song of the day!”

“Y’all remember the 20′s right? Jazz music, gangsters, swing? Well put on some hip-hop lyrics and add a bumping bass and you get “Listen to the Music”. The quad just released their new EP titled The Menage Quad EP and let me tell you they bump. This is perfect song to workout, dance, or run to it gets you in the mood to just flat out move. That clarinet in the background just reminds you of a simpler time doesn’t it? Check out their music video down below, and their Soundcloud here. Enjoy guys.”

“Unknown musical group Ménage Quad has exploded online in just a matter of days. The group calls themselves an “8 piece fusion of electro swing and west coast hip hop.” They refer to it as ‘swing hop’ and viewers seem to eating it up as their new single Listen To The Music is quickly going viral across the web.”

"What do you get when you have a collaboration of very different styles of music and musicians cometogether to create a singular sound together? Well, something pretty amazing and unique, it turns out. Look and listen to electro swing flow with some West Coast rap in this music video mix above that is probably unlike anything you've heard before. Pretty epic, right? Honestly, if the sound hadn't hooked me from the get-go, the random dancing in streets and bodegas would have. The song entitled "Listen To The Music" was created by the group Ménage Quad (probably because there's four artists working together), who have definitely managed to impress us here at The Feed, and have earned themselves a big triple-rainbow salute of music excellence with this amazing mélange of classic, modern and more."

“Up and coming musical group Ménage Quad has exploded online in just a matter of days. The group calls themselves an “8 piece fusion of electro-swing and west coast hip hop.” Referring to their genre as ‘swing hop,’ viewers turn into fans as their new single, Listen To The Music, is going viral across the web.”

“Definitely a video to watch. ”