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“When you think about the music culture of Asheville, North Carolina, the image in your head probably isn't a fro-hawked, nose-pierced black woman who can rip on the electric guitar and who, along with her band, pulls together a sound akin to what might happen if Meshell Ndegeocello fronted The Revolution. Nonetheless, Lyric (a.k.a. Leeda Jones) is one of the most beloved local musicians in town. She started her career near Pack Square, where all the buskers go, in a town full of buskers. Usually, on that corner of Biltmore Avenue and Patton, you'll find a traditional-style bluegrass outfit playing Dead covers or a bunch of white street kids absolutely wailing on some old-time tunes from further up those mountains. A couple of years ago, you might also see Lyric with her crack funk and soul band, her father on bass, rocking their way through covers by Aretha Franklin and Tracy Chapman. But this night, she took the stage to open for the great Mavis Staples.”

“Friday night, you can see a performer who’s been doing her best to make things soulful and funky over in Asheville. Leeda Jones, who also goes by the name Lyric (“Just because I pride myself off of writing lyrics that have a meaning,” she says), will perform at Foothills Free First Friday at the Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh. She’s looking forward to giving Triangle audiences the same R&B she’s been hitting her hometown audiences with for years.”

“On the band’s Facebook page, lead singer/rhythm guitarist Leeda “Lyric” Jones said, “This EP is special not only because it's my latest work, but also because I have a record label that's interested in hearing what I have to give.” Songs from the record — including “You Can Win,” in which Jones spits a fiery, socially conscious rap verse — and fan favorites like the spirited 2014 single “Camera Shy” will receive an extra sonic dimension at the show courtesy of local brass trio Brothership Horns”

“Leeda “Lyric” Jones is one of my favorite Asheville musicians, and she’s looking for crowdfunding support for a new EP she’s titled Perspective. Lyric has launched an indiegogo campaign seeking $5,000. More: Hi everyone! It’s been over four years since I’ve brought you anything new, and I’m excited to finally be able to do so. On this new EP my band and I have recorded four new tracks for YOU, our fans! I hope that you will help us fund this project, and join us at our EP Realease show on December 11th at the Isis Music Hall!”

“With the standout voice of Leeda Jones, Lyric is a group made up of natural talents that will take you to a place you can’t forget, a group that uses music as an expression of pain, joys, and hope. This street team is a born replica of the legends that created movements”

“The first time I heard Lyric was the first time ninety percent of the full house audience that evening first heard Lyric. She fluttered in like a brassy butterfly; initially unassuming. She was methodical, taking her time to blow us away with her melodic poetry and her bountiful soulful voice. Whew, lordy people, if you haven’t heard of or heard Lyric, you simply must give yourself the gift. “Guitar Feet” is her latest release.I cannot impress upon you enough that while her music beacons me, compels, soothes and entertains me, what is equally persuasive is her warm, open, kind and caring demeanor. This is a person who is aware she is special; a young woman with quiet confidence who exhibits sincere interest in others. It’s high time we focus on this astoundingly talented young woman making music in our town, who is from our town. Leeda Jones was born and raised in Asheville. There’s no doubt in my mind that she will soar. Her star is rising beyond us.”

“She was first recognized while busking in the streets of Asheville by Mountain Xpress writer Alli Marshall, on Oct 7, 2009.”

“Asheville-based busker Leeda Jones (aka Lyric) performs “Rainfall,” joined by her band, in front of the Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville”

“I came across this young lady while strolling downtown on a warm, summer night. I stopped to listen.... ”

“Though downtown Asheville's streets are full of buskers — especially on a warm weekend night when the tourists and dinner crowds swarm Battery Park and the Grove Arcade — a stand-out act still does just that: Stands out. That's the story with Leeda Jones, aka Lyric”

“A while back my friend, Daron James of HypeNC and Diamond Thieves Body Piercing & Tattoo of Asheville, was telling me about this young lady he had heard playing music on the streets of Asheville. He told me very little, only that I needed to hear her sing. He just kept saying “you’ll see…you just wait”. Well, last week I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ms Leeda “Lyric” Jones and was treated with her singing a few songs for those of us lucky enough to be at Diamond Thieves at the time (please check out the videos below of that session). It didn’t take but a few seconds to see and feel the talent pour from Lyric. Not really sure which was better… her lovely smile or her beautiful voice… either way ya can’t go wrong! This young lady sings like a mountain song bird and has a personality to match. Lyric is the total package… get ready Asheville, you have another STAR in your midst. ”