Lynn & Thayne Taylor / Press

"Moonlit Kalapaki Bay created a surreal background as “NTO” band members captivated the audience with powerful performances and great musical chemistry onstage. “NTO” band members consist of seasoned and talented studio musicians, songwriters and producers who came together following Lynn and Thayne Taylor’s Songwriter’s Showcase in October 2010, which was also hosted by JJ’s Broiler. Seven band members graced the stage with electricity that ran from their instruments and voices all the way through the soles of the audience."

"Founders of the Songwriter Showcase, Thayne and Lynn Taylor, are among a dozen performers presenting this inaugural event from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday upstairs at JJ’s Broiler in Anchor Cove, Nawiliwili. This week’s show features music by Sean Bena, Keoni Mahuka with Kathy Palama, Steve Farrell with Dominic Ballew, Denice and Marty Sheffer with The Happy Enchalata Band; Dave Greenburg, Rich Evans, and the Taylors performing with their band, NTO, featuring Marty Leonard on drums, Evans on lead guitar, Roger Jacobs on lead guitar, Dave Greenberg on bass guitar and Bill Dick on violin/fiddle."

“...Reluctant to define their music by genre, Thayne described it as “honest music” that tells a story. “Watercolor Dreams,” produced by Chris Birkett, whose client list includes Buffy Sainte-Marie and Sinead O’Connor, classifies it as “progressive folk rock,” but the structure is equal parts jazz, with tracks that include a haunting Celtic tone. Birkett writes, “If the true purpose of an artist is to bring beauty into the world, then Lynn and Thayne have done this on their debut album. The songs vibrate a deep chord within the soul of the listener; not ear candy, but soul food.” Lynn Taylor’s voice harkens the silk of Judy Collins and is supported by layers of instrumentals including harp, chime and slide guitar. “Watercolor Dreams” builds an indefinable tabernacle of sound traveling from lullaby to toe-tapping swing...”