lyndsey battle / Press

“Lyndsey Battle's "All Ways in a Good Way" is a Humboldt music win. She's always fun live, and it follows suit that her album is a good listen while you muck about your daily business.”

Rosa Green - Savage Henry Independent Times

“Battle gives her hometown sounds of the Mississippi River Delta a folky, Humboldt soul. It's enough to make any native proud and make transplants want to discover Humboldt all over again. ”

“If I were floating over lavendar fields of France in a hot air balloon with kids and a parrot, this album [All Ways in a Good Way] would be my accompanying soundtrack.”

Rosa Green - Savage Henry Independent Times

"Her aggressive sounding name may be appropriate for the way singer/songwriter, Lyndsey Battle is attacking modern-day radio sludge..."

Pensacola Independent News

“Battle proceeded with her intimate, yet commanding performance. The singer/songwriter's music is subtle, yet complex and evokes emotions similar to relaxing in front of a campfire with friends while listening to the serenade of acoustic guitars and nature's concurrent ambiance.”

Franklin Hayes - Splash! Magazine

“It’s a triumphant mixture of blues, jazz, and folk with just the right amount of funk touches. Battle is an interesting vocalist, effortlessly singing songs of love gone bad and other assorted pain. Her forays in and out of high singing are amazing and strike me as completely unforced.”

Chris Manson - The Destin Beachcomber