Lynam / Press

“” The music rides the thin roller coaster line between harmony and cacophony that characterizes so much of the best “Appetite For Destruction/Nevermind”, Marshall-Stacks-driven sound.”

"Save My Soul" is a production masterpiece for my money. It also reminds me why I listen to rock music. Tragic City Symphony is now in the running as my favorite album of 2008.

“There’s no way you can listen to ‘Tragic City Symphony‘ and not find yourself singing along...”

“Lynam have massive crossover appeal and it is this that should ultimately ensure popularity across the whole of the record-buying spectrum.”

“Lynam gets it, unlike those other post-alterna losers playing stadiums for meatheads.”

“'Tragic City Symphony' is one of those rare albums where every song fits every mood. Never have I heard a band that is more true to themselves and their own style than this band. LYNAM fans, and all rock fans, I strongly recommend this album for you.”

““Enemy,” which includes gang vocals from Hinder and slide guitar from Tom Keifer (Cinderella), is a great track that has all the works and absolutely stunning solo work that will make your jaw drop.”

“LYNAM should be playin grand arenas all over the world. They REALLY..ROCK!”

“Enjoyable songs, a self-deprecating image and genuine rock 'n' roll attitude make Lynam's Tragic City Symphony something of a guilty pleasure -- it's like grunge never happened.”

"Tragic City Symphony" is loaded with HUGE choruses, stadium sounding drums, tons of cocksure attitude and a whole lot of guitars that will blow your speakers to smithereens once you press play. If there was an album that was made to be played in a stadium, this is it.

"Tragic City Symphony" is one of the year’s best so far. Every song here sounds like it could be a successful single. Tragic City Symphony is a reminder to the masses that rock and roll is not dead and that there are still bands out there that create albums that play like albums.

“Big arena style rock is not a thing of the past, it’s just missing from the present but Lynam is intent on making it a fixture of the future.”

“I love "Tragic City Symphony", and my only complaint is that it’s only 12 tracks and ends much too soon for me- I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Go, stream this band, and when you can, but it and polish it daily, for it will be your friend for years to come.”

“One only needs to listen to the mighty guitars, driving drums, killer melodies, and memorable vocal hooks on Tragic City Symphony to realize that eighties pop-metal is not dead, it's just underground.”

“They have a sound that transcends all musical crossings from metal to grunge to alternative. In a sense, this is a band who will communicate to a growing crowd of metal-heads and newcomers alike.”

“Veritable and varied pop metal...equal parts catchy, hilarious, and gross...”

Robert VerBruggen - Outburn Magazine