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"Organic, deep, raw and the absolute centerpiece in this acoustic setting. No wonder she won the VIMA Award for Best Female Act this year!.." - The Dutch Guy

" I consider Lyia Meta a blue collar singer-songwriter. Not in the industrial sense, but in her work ethic. She's done her time in both large and small venues for several years "- Digital Earbuds Music Blog https://soundcloud.com/bobcrabtree/sets/issue-31-the-digital-earbuds

"Sometimes all you need is a voice. Vocals so distinct, powerful, that reverbs with so much emotional energy which doesn’t need any audio trickery nor overshadowed by music instruments to convey a song. That’s Lyia Meta. It’s been a long time since we have been truly excited about a female singer as we are with her larger than life presence be it on stage or booming over our speakers and headphones. And now she has taken a step further in her career as well as firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with by winning the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT award."

"If you created a song that fused the vocals of Angela Bofill with the soulful blues arrangement and scorned lover theme of an Etta James tune, you’d come up with “For You,” an original track by Lyia Meta. Meta is of Malaccan Portuguese descent and like many Europeans she developed a love for the blues based music that dominated the 1960s and 70s..."

“Lyia Meta embodies the feel of classic rock. She can stretch out notes and soar, or give us a low growl with just the right amount of rasp. Lyia doesn’t bother with vocal tricks or fancy runs. She doesn’t need tricks to get our attention. She straight-up sings, the way rock is meant to sound; big and bold and beautiful. Lyia’s debut, self-titled EP, is simply brilliant-”

"This Is Lyia, while a product of her experiences, also captures the singer living vicariously. “I think I’m a beacon for negative energy … people come to me and tell me their problems. And sometimes, these emotions are too much to contain, so, I put them into song,” she explained, citing For You as one such piece, which details the unravelling of a marriage. She’s Searching, the lead off-track from the album, though, couldn’t be more personal. It explains Meta’s journey in music. “You think you know everything, but then you learn that you know next to nothing,” she revealed, even though she’s spent close to 16 years plying the live circuit. This Is Lyia makes pitstops at all her musical cornerstones, from rock and blues, through to jazz and pop. Meta knows her music, and why wouldn’t she. After all, she comes from a family renowned for its musical heritage."

“Album Review: " 'This is Lyia' is a five song offering that harkens back to the golden age of songwriting, where turn of phrase and sumptuous melodies are still the order of the day..." N Rama Lohan-The Star”

"My songs are mainly about the people I have met and how their lives have changed and how certain stages in their lives have affected them as well as how their lives have affected me.." "I sing about women and women being in a place where they can't express themselves, have to toe the line, make it work, compromise-that's not where they want to be. It's about the woman who puts on a face to the world but people don't know what's happening inside because she has to,"

Melanie Chalil - The Malay Mail

“The only respite during her extensive career was a recent two-year hiatus to focus on visual arts. Following the time out, she decided it was "make or break" for her music venture, either to simply drop it or pursue an album. Thankfully, she opted for the latter. “I’m a very pragmatic person, I try not to put too much thought into the negative. Being in the music industry for so long, I’m now a graduate from the school of hard knocks.” This time around, the humble songstress graced with a royally velvet voice is keeping her ambitions in check.”

"Their performance was entertaining, riveting and soulful"

The Star (Nightlife)

"Lyia's husky voice is perfect for blues"

The Star - Jacobus Raj

"What we heard subsequently exceeded any expectations we may have had. Settling onto our stools, we were immediately drawn to the strong soulful voice"

Raymond Siva - Vision Kuala Lumpur

"You just have to catch female vocalist Lyia in action to believe the kind of vocal talent she has"

Errol DeCruz - The Malay Mail