Lygia Ferra / Press

“.."The 13-song release from California singer/songwriter/artist Lygia Ferra blends lush, eclectic arrangements with pure, beautiful vocals. Think Ricky Lee Jones’ smarts, Tori Amos’ honesty and Kate Bush’s artistry and you start to get it. But make no mistake – Ferra’s music is unique and inspired in its own way, making its way to the top without comparison" ”

“The conviction of Alanis Morrisette but blanketed in flannel, like a cross with Bird York; the sassy, penetrating style of Sheryl Crow but with more sonicism and the sweetness of Edie Brickell; the magic for mood of Tori Amos or Sarah McLachlan but with a more clearly-defined spine. This moody, sometimes dark, sometimes dazzling, friendly but proud pop collection is one that will bring out your needs to hoard and be possessive when it comes to letting people borrow your CDs. This is one that not only satisfies from the first listen but whets your appetite so completely that it's hard to predict if saturation is possible. ”