LUVAHL / Press

“This music makes me want to buy more beer and pour one over my head while dancing around the bar.”

Kevin Brandt - 96.5 WKLH FM

“Dance dangerously...how many influences can one band throw into their sound without imploding? Listen and find out as Luvahl traverses the lines of Country, Punk, Gypsy, Psychedelic, and Glam. Speaking from experience, you will DANCE with an accent!”

"The first thing you might think when you see this band playing live is 'Wow, I really wasn't expecting this'... the newly formed 4-piece group has the chops to venture into anything from jazz fusion to glam rock to Syd Barrett-tinged space rock, all with a dash of salty swagger. ... Much like the Pogues or Gogol Bordello, they prefer to engage the audience through catchy sing-a-longs and toe-tapping rhythms. ..."

Paul Setser - Suds Wine & Spirits live show review

“On the debut by Milwaukee's Luvahl, the tragic glamour of '70s Bowie converges with sprightly bluegrass and mournful Gypsy folk. They'd be perfectly at home on a bill with Devotchka or Gogol Bordello, but these former members of The Danglers and Fire on Your Sleeve also set themselves apart from ethno-punk bands. Luvahl sets its own pace by collaborating with local electronic music whiz Paul "Demix" Fuhr for a slice of industrialized dance rock that Front 242 or Laibach might kill to pack a disco with. An auspicious debut, this.”