Luti / Press

“It’s music with a purpose when you feel like you’ve been spiritually cleansed every time you hear it...”

CM Neal - CD Baby reviews

“..guitar breaks into middle eastern influence is electrifying..gives me chills..Without a doubt one of the best roller coaster rides I have been on.. ”

Misho - CD Baby reviews

"Brilliant. Sojourn to serenity...."

M. Jalaba - CD Baby reviews

“Luti's debut solo CD, "Half a Century Later" is a magic carpet ride of melodies and instrumentation flavored by the romance and rhythms of eastern Europe. At times serene and sensual, featuring traditional Macedonian folk songs (Jovano, Jovanke), this recording is also fiercely driving (Be the Proud). Wonderful, unexpected rhythmic devices drive Luti's recording, giving this work a distinctly oriental flair. … an artfully crafted journey across a lifetime of experiences that have only just begun.”

Maggie Ferguson - WXOU Radio; Live! From the Living Room

“I have heard this and I can tell you it is GREAT! Luti has taken his music and refined it till it purrs. Jovano!”

Tom Saunders, Folk IT! DJ, www.A3 radio.com - Facebook