Lunglust / Press

“Lunglust is among the top heavy bands to come out of this town since Isis. Their unique sound is due to the diverse influences that each member brings to the band. Hopefully they’ll follow in the footsteps of Gozu by touring and schooling the rest of the planet on the great music that we have the privilege of experiencing here in Boston.”

“A double-guitar fivesome with standalone vocals, they were an easy pick for being a Boston band — the way Jeff Sykes cups his mic is as much a tradition up there as hating the Yankees, never mind their two-words-put-together moniker — but their heavy, semi-hardcore approach was tempered with an awareness of doomed groove, and with as much rock as the rest of the night promised, they brought diversity to a bill long on riffs but not necessarily fueled by aggression. ”

"Hometown openers LUNGLUST came on stage first. They play a tight amalgam of punk rock, hardcore and metal. All their songs are fairly short and to the point and played with a lot of fire. I really like vocalist Jeff Sykes stage presence and screaming delivery. The entire band was actually very good, intense and take performing seriously which I like. The best songs from them were “Broken Idol” and “Silent Hymn”. They were done too soon and I will be checking them out again soon."

"LUNGLUST brings the abrasive hardcore and thrash with out of the box riffs and textures that put them on the level with the headliner. Their songs are short bursts of aggression that really get a room moving too."

"Lunglust bring hardcore sensibilities to their metal, piling machine gun riffs, atom bomb drums and chainsaw bass lines on top of hellfire vocals."

"Hailing from the Mecca of hardcore and punk music, a magical place which is called Boston, Lunglust has released their very first self-released MCD. The album contains four powerful tracks which immediately make me wonder why I haven't heard of this band before."