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“Except from Scene Magazine June 2016 issue: "There is a cornerstone in the act Lunde Station and that is front man and singer-songwriter, Erik Lunde...Lunde pens lyrics that are haunting and memorable poetry, married with one of the widest arrays of melodies this area knows. Skipping from dark and minor chord tones that are reminiscent of lonesome backroads and bleak, understated realism to upbeat, catchy, and rock infused dance floor fillers, Lunde is an artist who knows how to plan a great show." June 4th, 2016, Lunde Station plays with Winchester Holiday and Tape Bleed at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins. Music starts at 8:30pm. $10 cover. downtownartery.com”

Scene Magazine

""Water From The Stone" is the band at their most epic. What begins with the familiar folk style of previous Lunde Station work soon explodes with southern rock licks and heavy percussion. This single is Lunde Station at their best."

"...I sat down with Erik Lunde and Ryan Lennartson of the Americana Rock band, Lunde Station, to talk about their new music video. Filmed in Portland on a shoestring budget, the music video is inspired by some of Portland’s more seedy locations, in particular, the Burnside Bridge (which is the title track of the video) and its regular host of rather unsavory characters, some of whom even made it into the music video."

“Great CD review from Bandwagon Magazine. You guys ROCK! "...artful and soothing with it’s own unique sound. (Have these guys gotten airplay on World Café yet?)… Another Country is a tightly knit, consistent album with no dull/filler songs. Frankly, I want more of Lunde Station’s work.” https://issuu.com/bandwagmag/docs/august_2015_issuu2?e=0”

BandWagon Magazine

“Lunde Station: The Perfect Stop on the Americana Train On a cool summer night, I met with the band, Lunde Station, in the basement of the Crown Pub. With the smooth jazz of their accordion player, Bob Montgomery, playing in the background, I sat down with the rest of the Fort Collins-based Americana group to talk literature, the local music scene, and rock & roll. Lunde Station is: Erik Lunde (guitar/vocals), Ryan Lennartson (drums/vocals), Eric Straumanis (electric guitar), Justin Roth (bass/vocals) and Bob Montgomery (accordion/keys/upright bass). (See more of the article on the link...)”

“MUSIC PREVIEWS: Comprised of originality, inspiration and deep Americana roots, Lunde Station never fails to get the crowd moving. The lively, five-piece band will return to their hometown stomping grounds of Fort Collins to perform at Avogadro’s Number on May 11. As if the band’s usual performance is not enticing enough, this show will include a special release from their brand new EP. With tickets only $5, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to party with these guys. The show starts at 6pm.”

“HOT TICKET: On Friday, check out Lunde Station live at noon on 88.9 FM KRFC during the Live at Lunch show and at 6 p.m. stop by Equinox Brewery, 133 Remington St., to see the Fort Collins roots-rock/Americana band live. Lunde Station, noon Friday on 88.9 FM KRFC and 6 p.m. Friday at Equinox Brewery, 133 Remington St. Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/680648458635966/?ref=22”