Luna Reign / Press

“What can you say... genius. Clean, simple, dark, and melodic as hell! It's amazing how your tracks have this calming influence, often showcasing very dark subjects. Brilliant...”

gel 6988

“where have i been! why am i just hearing this now i love it!!! -”

Zombie Baby

“Love it! A return to the Romance of goth music that attracted me in the first place. Without simply copying what came before. Did I say I loved it? -”

Thomas kelly

“Ah, a phenomenal continuation of Luna Reign's beautiful, haunting Gothic laced melodies. I have not heard much in quite some time that comes close to his songwriting, musicianship and overall dark vibe. Thank god for musicians like Luna!”


“Brilliant, really enjoyed this...so rare to see original creativity down here daring to be different, keep it up you've got a lot to be proud of :)”

Lola Rose

“You have an amazing personality I hope you never stop being you and continue to make music :) -”

Kandy Cos

“breathtaking, overwhelming -Sophie -”

Beg Velak

“Luna, Your music takes me away to where I am free... I totally love it! It's mesmerizing and empowers me to push forward! -”

Lyran Princess6913

“Beautiful, haunting music executed with skill and panache! Brilliant stuff !”


“OMG. Can't believe this is so good. It reminds of the 80s and it's still original. I was just going through my subs for fun and found this name. Awesome I checked it up. Amazing. I found many good music on youtube but I'm little surprised by this. Just wow o.o”


“In Luna Reign impeccable sounds move between the boundaries of rock and post-punk into a musical composition style which clearly shows that more U.S. European influences in their conceptual roots, readers of music lovers, Lux Atenea Webzine 10, will enjoy extraordinary issues where passionate melody almost reaches the level of interpretive virtuosity on the electric guitar, offering a seamless musical obscura definition with gothic instrumental textures. A visually distinctive musical style, defined by a sacral cover image, created in absolute harmony with the audio content of this magnificent album. Therefore, from the outset with the extraordinary song "Death Euphoria" you will be impressed with the quality of interpretation treasured by this musical genius, whose talents continue to stimulate our nineteenth-centuary spirit of the romantic.”

“Luna Reign is the WORLD No.1 IN GOTHIC MUSIC!”

Derichleau Promotions

“The album starts with what I love about Luna Reign, as “Death Euphoria” has a catchy keyboard riff as well as the gothic rock guitars that make his sound what it is. “Sinners,” just screams to be used in the soundtrack in a classic vampire movie. “Black Light” is another track with great guitar. There is an extremely impressive little solo on this as well and this might be my favourite track on the album. The bass is really awesome on “Last Breath,” which is a superbly mellow but also heavy track. It is another favourite of mine. This album is an incredible step up from the last album, as Luna Reign seems to be bringing heavier riffs to the table while staying true to his style. It is great to see more from him, which are always perfect tracks. If you like gothic metal/rock, you will definitely like this album.”

“Masterful sound. Downloaded all your tracks but currently enjoying "Fallen Empire". Wow. -rK”


“Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel. There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. Really got pulled into Blood, The Key, and Fallen Empire. All the best.”

Emanuel David

“Fuck Sisters Fuck Fields Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic ”

The Beaten Generation

“Luna Reign's 'Electric Ghost' is one of the most musical and melodic goth albums of recent times. From opening number 'Electric Ghost' (aptly named - technology plays it part in the Luna Reign sound, but this is every bit as haunting as anything Bauhaus produced in their prime) to the eponymous closing track, via highlights such as 'Final Sin' (a truly mesmerizing and controlled study in wallowing grief) and 'Sophie' a furious track that sends a far more pertinent message than any amount of larynx-bruising screaming could muster, one track bleeds into the next with nary a pause for breath. 'Electric Ghost' is a Type O Negative fans new favourite album. Somehow remaining romantic and soothing yet aggresive and abrasive. Records the strength of this will surely gain an every-expanding audience. Welcome to the absurdly talented Luna Reign.”

Devolution Magazine

“your music is very beautiful , it makes me feel like im floating in a dark romance”

Deadly_Lust www.vampirefreaks.com

“I just wanted to thank you for creating such incredible music. It's hard to find something truly unique and beautiful, but you've done that. ”

MelodicBunnyCore - www.vampirefreaks.com

“I was looking for bands like you but i didnt find anything close to your genre and style of music, even placebo is not as good as you. really I've already listened to your songs a 100 times!”

PunkLolita - www.vampirefreaks.com

“This album is really well done and the fact that this is a one man band makes it even more of a masterpiece. I don’t think I have ever listened to anything quite like it.”