“Working with Brian Vodinh of 10 Years, progressive rockers Luminoth present a broad spectrum of sound on their latest release Other Worlds & Allegories. This is their third album since forming in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2005. As soon as Other Worlds & Allegories takes off, Luminoth has this phenomenal ability to use contrasting musical themes and abrupt changes, all while also creating a seamless blend of rock. This band can easily go from an ethereal groove to hard and heavy at a second's notice, but it totally works for them. While each song from Other Worlds & Allegories is one of a kind, they all have a large and complex sound that is littered with detail. Luminoth has even recruited a new guitarist, Chad Grennor of Annandale, to re-create this heavily layered sound for live audiences.”

“Let me begin this "Cabal" CD review by saying that I absolutely LOVE this CD. What makes it difficult is describing the intricate genre blending style. Cabal begins with a southern rock sounding Origin, Then 4 songs loop together (Running with Scissors, The Journey, Cyberia and Three Monkeys) that I could listen to forever. I love multi-genre songs with tempo changes, ripping guitar riffs, and a range of vocal prowess. I like how each member of the band gets a chance to showcase their talent. Though this rarely occurs in this day and age. I can see why The Journey is the band favorite to perform because it is my favorite as well. The Cd wraps up with a quartet of fabulous songs. Just when you think you know what to expect everything changes and I like the way that works. If I had to describe Luminoth in one sentence it would be “Luminoth is the Led Zeppelin of the 2010′s” because of the melodic fusion of bluesy, heavy, funky, love to listen to music.”

“Luminoth is a melodic heavy band that fuses different genres into each track with brutal heaviness, furious aggressive guitar sounds, and low end bass to balance out the guitars and melancholic goth-grunge style vocals to make up the most explosive sounds I have heard in a long time. Luminoth's sound is like a modern day version of the band "Acid Bath", combining every style of heavy music (including acid jazz, hard hitting grunge and melodic death metal) with incredible poetic lyrics. Their album, "Cabal", is probably nothing like you have ever heard before and will leave you in a state of pure musical bliss. It is a beautiful, hypnotic pleasure with crushing guitar riffs and distinctive full-on vocals by lead singer Adam Henry, who has an excellent vocal range and delivers pitch perfect vocals and a powerful vibrato. Overall, the Luminoth experience is like Woodstock revisited with sort of mystical musical nirvana, where the audience is caught up in a completely surreal experience. ”

"The sound has a ripping, hard, rowdy sound and the vocals blend perfectly to suit. We were glad to be able to catch them in action, right here in town (Knoxville). We "just about" encountered them all over the place, like Chattanooga and Johnson City, so much that we were not sure where they were "from" at first. That's what I mean about WORKING. These guys don't just have what it takes onstage, they are hard working at the practice of "Getting it out there". This is an essential to the success of most every band we've seen climb the ladder, Keep it up guys. The energy from this band is relentless and they have great stage presence and audience relation as well."

“MEAN DEVIATION: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, by Jeff Wagner Which album is the soundtrack of YOUR Mean Deviation experience? Luminoth: 'Cabal' February 1 at 4:53pm · LikeUnlike”

“MEAN DEVIATION: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, by Jeff Wagner Reading Mean Deviation as foreplay to listening to prog metal —it's recommended: Luminoth: 'Cabal' January 27 at 12:45pm · UnlikeLike · · Share”

“Luminoth: 'Cabal' So, what kind of music did the group graduate to? The self-analysis is not too specific, but the group is insistent in declaring its openness to the infusion of multiple genres. It is a safe bet that some of the group's former inclinations toward heaviness are still in place, owing to influences such as Tool and Alice in Chains, but the musicians' ability level continues to rise as tastes mature. ”

“I’ve been reading Jeff Wagner’s Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, a history of nerd metal that starts with Rush and King Crimson and runs through Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater to Cynic, Atheist, and Opeth. It’s the perfect setup for listening to this sophomore album from local prog geeks Luminoth, who seem to have absorbed influence from all of the above. The band anchors a fairly accessible set of modern-rock songs with jazzy rhythms, oddball time signatures, and wonky instrumental breaks (like the Zappa-esque guitar solo in “The Journey”). It all fits together surprisingly well—singer Adam Henry seems comfortable with both the emotive X-rock choruses and the band’s artier leanings, and the instrumental work (by guitarist Jason Henry, bassist John Springer, and drummer Paul McGee) is as catchy as it is cerebral. The art-thrash of “Serial Crusher Theory” near the end of the disc is a highlight.”

“Luminoth is like The DOORS on metal. Their sound is technical and fluid. They have a metal vibe, and their harmonies just crash off the waves of their thunderous sound. They definitely stand out especially when placed next to their peers. Luminoth is one of those bands that you want to hear more each time you listen to them. The first time you hear them; if you don't know who they are then you definitely want to find out. ”

"Luminoth, an alternative/hard rock outfit from Knoxville, TN. Presenting intricate and hard-edged tunes like “Nothing” and “Serial Crusher Theory”, the quartet leaned on John Springer’s front-mixed Fender Jazz bass and the excellent Adam Henry’s outstanding vocal range."