Luminaries / Press

"Positive hip-hop is always welcome on my stereo, and the Luminaries remind me of the good times I had when I first discovered the native tongues."

"There's a conscious hip-hop collective out there called the Luminaries, and they aim to illuminate the musical masses to environmental issues with songs like "Peace,"

"The music of Luminaries is filled with ideology that is purposeful, and synchronized by the group's commitment to cultivating a positive means of co-existing in a peaceful, loving, and mindful world. "

"Perhaps the most telling comment on the impact of the festival was that of Louise Jaffe, who chairs the SMC Board of Trustees, when she told the crowd that she had always thought about “change in creating community” by focusing on problems and things that need fixing, but after listening to the uplifting music of the Luminaries, she realized that it was “not just about what troubles you, but what you love and what you are passionate about.”