Lullwater / Press

"This is one of those rock bands that, the moment you hear them, you’re hooked. They rock hard, but in that melodic, rhythmic way that eventually makes for gold records—or whatever passes for gold records in the age of digital music."

“Lullwater speak their minds verbally and musically on their album Silhouette. They play their songs the way they like and people can take it or leave it, but no one can deny that there is a genuineness about this band that inspires the same quality in their audience”

““Alive” and “Let Me Out” rage and rock like songs destined to be used in hockey arenas to stir up the crowd. "Let Me Out" especially has that arena feel with its pogoing chorus. For the most part though, Silhouette is music made for the festival season, set to power up outdoor stages as the sun goes down. ”

"Now this is primo rock shit man - anybody who thinks rock is dead should check this out."

“One thing that can be said for Lullwater is that they definitely know how to give a song an undoubtably awesome intro. Nearly every tune grabbed me from the start. All in all, though, while I enjoyed the album, I think that they're just one of those bands that must be seen and heard live in its purest form for the full and true experience. ”

“Picture if you will four rollicking young men huddled together in a dark basement on a street somewhere in their hometown of Athens, Ga that they would ultimately use for their bandname. Left to their devices, these men have been toiling away in that basement and on stage for the past five years crafting and tweaking their style into something that sounds vaguely familiar. It’s almost as if we should know these guys: that they’ve been with us in our cars and on our stereos for years and that we’ve been singing along with these songs on the radio. We haven’t been though, it’s just a figment of our imaginations as in the grand scheme of things they’re still fairly new the game. But what they’ve created is a new variation on a sound that we’ve been growing accustomed to for years.”

“Lullwater made their claim on the night with a set of folk-infused hard rock that had the whole crowd excited. No one in the audience could stop themselves from dancing along! The band's sound just had a rather awesome vibe to it that drew us all in and left us groovin'.”

“Their songs focus on the here and now, and cut through any pretenses and facades that camouflage honest, raw emotions. They are a dream team for modern rock fans.”

“They bring to the table with them a lot of rock: big plentiful slabs of it. Imagine if you will a mythical conglomeration of Screaming Trees style grunge, 3 Doors Down style of pop-leaning radio rock, and Drive-By Truckers style southern-esque rock. Not too surprising really considering the album was produced by David Barbe, who’s credits include Drive-By Truckers, R.E.M, and 7 Mary Three amongst others. ”

“Athens-based alternative band Lullwater recently signed with Spectra Records, and the result is a reward to ear buds everywhere.”

“Silhouette includes intense energy and compelling hooks that create a wonderful listening experience. Each song provides a time capsule for numerous musical generations yet creates its own in today’s scene.”

"A Forgotten Name" (Track 1) Based on this opening number, Lullwater comes across as the "Modern Rock Radio" cousin to local brethren Dead Confederate's dirtier "College Radio Rock." Both seem to mine similar, minor-chorded dark territory, musically at least, with Lullwater presenting a product with a little more sheen. That could be read as a positive or negative, so it is to their credit that lead singer/guitarist John Strickland belts it out like a performer more seasoned than their limited catalog might suggest, giving some heft to their polish.

“I still feel the urge to believe because there is something about a band where the Singer's voice displays emotion while simultaneously sandblasting walls with his larynx and where the use of a song to make you feel something, anything is an art form and not a corporate exercise.”

“Local band Lullwater refuses to be loyal to any one genre.Yet, despite the challenge of being endlessly eclectic, fans—in towns like Charleston, where Lullwater opened for Seven Mary Three,have grown increasingly devoted to Lullwater's passionate live performance.”

“For the balance, Lullwater serves up the pleasantly even-handed, jangly folk-pop rock of "Whatever Happened" and the yearning "One More Time." Perhaps not coincidentally, the odd- and even-numbered tracks present the different sides of the Lullwater coin.”

“Lullwater, a spunky quartet that very much combines classic singer/songwriter folk with the poppy post-grunge sound of bands like Toad The Wet Sprocket.This is intelligent pop rock with an edgeLullwater just has more testosterone than Mayer or Mraz”

"Southern-infused local rockers set to release new recording" "A solid start for these Athens younsters with a fresh take on old school, Athens-styled classic rock"

“Faithful Sinners is a solid debut.This is a debut album and this group of musicians should be very encouraged with the product they are delivering to the indie community. ”