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I go professional at age 17 as a Singer and Dancer in June 1975 with the NYC Alliance of Latin Artists. As one of the Staff writers for Latin NY Magazine (1977-1984) and Music Editor (1978-1979) I am blessed to have been privy to many of the events central to the Worldwide Salsa Music Explosion spearheaded by the magazine's coverage of the Latin Music scene (1973-1985) The Golden Age Of SALSA. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be part of world history. Along with being one of the young poets performing at the original Nuyorican Poets Cafe (1977-1979), Joe Papp's Public Theater (1977) and touring with Felix Romero's "Teatro Otra Cosa" (a bomba street theater group housed at the legendary "Teatro Puerto Rico" in the South Bronx 1977-1979) I now look back on those days with extreme exhilaration. At the time it is just the thing to do to survive as an artist. The seventies experiences lay the foundation for me to enter mainstream media when I land at job at CBS affiliate WFSB TV in Hartford Ct in 1979. For the next twenty five years I have the opportunity to produce television shows, go to Hollywood, have my own rock and salsa bands, release two LP's, do radio work, be a spin doctor at the NY State Senate, ride the Internet bubble, and manage a Telemundo Affiliate Station in Washington State. And the roller coaster ride is not over. In 1997/98 I return to my seventies roots when I end up as part of Connecticut's State Team at the National Slam Poetry Championships in Austin,Texas and Chicago, Illinois copping 5 and 7th place nationally out of 200 teams each. (You can catch a glimpse of my performance and the Ct. team at the Nationals broadcast by CBS 60 minutes on the 10th anniversary Slam blowout in Chicago.) Thanks to the support of my family - particularly my brother Ron - I am able to put together my memoirs in 2000 ("Newricane") which in turn (through God's grace) results in the Off Broadway production of "SPIC CHIC" (2001-2004) inspired by a Latin NY editorial written by Publisher Izzy Sanabria in 1974 also entitled "Spic Chic". That show took myself, Maria Hernandez and Classical Composer David Amram to the Bonn Opera House in 2004. I meet David while working for Latin NY in the seventies and it is a lifelong friendship since then; without Maria Hernandez (Lola Magdalena) I don't know where I would be today. Her calmness balances my manic being. I'm grateful that my father saw all this success before he passed in 2006. And likewise that my mother is still alive witnessing the next chapter of her crazy artist son's career - telling you this story (contained in the publication of "Spic Chic" as a book of poems and stories covering work from 1975-2009 inspired by another set of great mentors: Cardinal Hayes English teacher Bill Kerrigan (editor) and Steve Cannon (Fly By Night Press/A Gathering Of The Tribes NYC.) And now comes the payoff putting all these elements together: establishing WEPAwebTV in 2001 and reaching back to film a documentary on MR SALSA Izzy Sanabria, which has ultimately become the story I have been searching for during 57 years of a life that sums up an American experience as a Puerto Rican. Pa Que Lo Sepan! WEPA!
Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Funk
Ray 'Stingray' Sabater: Percussion
Brian Tully: Bass
Steve Gifford: Drums
John Caplis: Guitar
Will Zwink: Alto Sax
Mark Giammetei: Guitar
Luis "El Extreme" Chaluisan: Vocals/Percussion
Guest Musicians:
Phil Lanze - Drums on Thunderfunker and Johnny Tapdance
Fred Waite - Trumpet on Wild Child and White Girls Who Should Know Better
1. Juicy Fruit
2. Sneaky Karima Bleu
3. White Girls Who Should Know Better
4. Gina Wants To Talk Spanish
5. Johnny Tapdance
6. Texas Runaway
7. Thunderfunker
8. Wild Child
9. El Extreme Memories and Dreams
Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Funk
BLR 119 Blue Lunch Records Albany NY (c) 1991
All Songs By El Extreme
Produced by: Mark Giammattei
Sound Engineer: Mark Wilken
Recorded at Blue Lunch Records May 18-November 2, 1991
Cover Artwork: Luis Chaluisan (c) 1991 New Edge Cabaret & Industrial Drill Bits
240 Elm Street, First Floor
Albany, New York 12202
If it's up and coming it's on Blue Lunch Records
Album by El Extreme - http://www.reverbnation.com/luischaluisan/album/37806-joke-em-if-they-cant-take-funk
"Poet, actor, playwright, singer-songwriter and one of the most charismatic, manic Nippertown frontmen of the early ’90s, Luis Chaluisan led his sometimes madcap, always marvelous mambo-hip-hop band El Extreme (full name – La Gran Orquesta El Extreme) through many memorable shows back in the day, showcasing such fondly remembered nuggets as “Biscuit Head” and “Why Must You Funk Up My Life?”
Isn’t it about time for an El Extreme reunion?"
Music Editor
Nippertown News
Albany NY
Nippertown is an online magazine based in the greater Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts, writing about local art, music, theater, film and anything else that interests us. We’ve been publishing since May, 2009.
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Luis Chaluisan, El Extreme, Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria, Ray 'Stingray' Sabater, Brian Tully, Adam/David Amram, Kevin Twigg
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El Extreme "Honking and Shouting" Little Otis
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Comedy / Latin Blues / Indie Latin Ska/Rock

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Mayagüez, PR
Maria Hernandez-347-526-2670-quantumvision2@yahoo.com

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