The L.U.I 47 (BarCode Productions) / Press

"haha yeah; I like how you be all over the place homie. Scorpions...2Pac...Tracy Chapman!! now that's diversity! Yo... I could make a bunch of songs off this premise alone"

"that drop was illy, them drums are inspiring"


"every time I check out your beats they keep getting better they were already insane I'm a start calling you omniscient ( a step above genius )..."

"dude this is a clean ass beat please send it to me.."

"just when think its gonna drop nope, wait for it legendary, giving dre a run for his money with these beats"

"this fucking ham; L.U.I beats bangs harder then two 600 pound bitches fucking

"Holy shit this is too ill. The Scorps rock & the concept of this song is what Caber's all about. I thank You for making this beat, you made my day just now. If ya ever wanna collab let me know"

"your sample play is tight main, i personally think your the most underated artist on this site"

"it's dope to me when I find a fellow artist on this site whose Bio I can agree with and whose music I can easily respect. Holla back @me after checkin my work if ya think we can work together"

"you got some serious heat L.U.I. You're way down for keepin respect alive like that, salute fam!"

"this one's super dope"

"the detail work you did with that echo, dayyyuumm" ... "NICE AND CLEAN MIX"