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“Energetic local band is not your average metal/progressive rock group. It's a mix of Iron Maiden and Kill Switch with a twist. Keep an eye out for these guys, they will be a band not to miss.”

G. Rogers - Prometal reviews

"Allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest bands that I've met in my many, many years of traversing the globe playing stages with bands around the world - and they happen to be right here in our very own backyard!!!! They are called - tada- LUDUS! (Doesn't the name alone tug at your loincloth, myrmidon helmet getup?!?!?) Geoff Jones and his partners Justin Wright & Chris McConnell are not just good friends to ASKA but I strongly urge and recommend you give them a try, a listening to, a chance. They have my complete stamp of approval and I think you and for that matter anyone into metal would like them. To me, they kind of have this Killswitch Engage vibe. Kind of like the band sounded on their first two records! Check 'em out. Seriously." - George Call, lead singer of Aska, Omen, and Violent Storm.

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