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“What do I love most about Lucky Diaz’ “Fire Fighter Girl”? That it sounds like it was recorded in the late 1950′s? Maybe. That the song’s protagonist is a gal who’s “out to save the world”? Highly probable, seeing as how I have a pair of future heroines scampering about at home. Whatever the reasons, I do love this tune and I think that you and your children will too. “Fire Fighter Girl” is the middle track on the 5-song EP “Luckiest Adventures” and is destined to get stuck in the middle of your noggin whether you’re in line at the soda fountain shop, plunking quarters into a jukebox, or (more modernly) cruising ’round your neighborhood as your kids eagerly scan for shiny red firetrucks.”

“I want to throw a party just so Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band can come and play, not that I really need a reason to have them come and play.  The trio is welcome to play at my house anytime.  It wouldn’t be the first time that I received a noise ordinance for having band practice at my place.  It would totally be worth it.”

““You know that feeling of walking down the street with a smile on your face and a secret song in your head that makes you feel like you’ve got one up on the world? Well, any of these five could be that song. Really.” Mindy Thomas Program Director, SIRIUS/XM’S Kids Place Live”

Mindy Thomas Program Director, SIRIUS/XM’S Kids Place Live - SIRIUS/XM’S Kids Place Live

“After watching a few seasons of Top Chef, I now know what an amuse bouche is: a bite-size appetizer that is supposed to give you an idea of the chef's approach--and hopefully make you hungry for more. And though Lucky Diaz's 15 minute debut EP is more than a single "bite" of songs, this short collection of excellent music has us all eager for what he'll put together next.”

“We had two instant gut reactions to Lucky Diaz’ “Blue Bear,” which they can be seen enthusiastically performing above. One: it’s an extremely catchy song that we really like a lot. Two: it reminds us of Jack Johnson. It’s a bit hard to articulate why, but Lucky Diaz’s music just has a certain acoustic ease to it. We’ve been fans of Jack’s for a while (because come on, he’s a dad and he’s awesome). We looked it up, and did you know his best-selling album was Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George? That kind of blows our minds a little. The guy has five studio albums and his top-selling record is a soundtrack to a movie we never had any desire to see. Did anyone actually see Curious George? Was it good?”

"My New Kindie Crush!"-Amy Trulock HYP Radio


“NUGGET ISLAND SAYS: After checking out the amazing album artwork for Lucky Diaz’s family music EP, Luckiest Adventure, I knew I was in for an original project. Lucky Diaz delivers an excellent 5-track contribution to the family music scene, full of finely-crafted acoustic pop tunes. Whether bringing a fresh take on a tired standard, “This Old Man,” or introducing his own originals like “Fire Fighter Girl,” Diaz is a promising new artist on the scene.-Matthew Siden-Nugget Island.com”

"...Lucky leaves the listener moved by sincere emotion and catchy yet creative tunes..."-LaKidStuff

“You can make a big impression in a small amount of time. With his debut family EP Luckiest Adventure. The singer-songwriter from LA has put together five fabulous songs that will probably stay lodged in your iTunes playlist, car CD player, and brain for a long time after you first hear it. "Blue Bear" is a shuffling rockabilly tune that must spontaneously generate handclapping solos in concert. It's followed by "Explorer," which has a bit of a laid-back Jack Johnson feel mixed with some nifty fret work from Diaz. "Fire Fighter Girl" apes the girl-group sound of fifty years ago, "Let Me Be Yours" sounds like a folk-rock love song for adults but works in a knock-knock joke (sort of), and the album concludes with an rootsy power-pop take on "This Old Man" -- complete with an appearance by the man himself. Diaz has a versatile voice that can do the big choruses and falsettos equally well, and it's ably backed up by the trio. Full-length pronto, please. Definitely recommended. ”

"Tracks like “Blue Bear” and a funky remix of “This Old Man” have major danceability. "-Daily Candy.com