Lucks Lane / Press

“Lucks Lane – A superb rock band indeed imagine a cross between the Foo Fighters and the Stereophonics, then you would have one great band with some awesome lyrics. Well guess what its here. Vocally superb, Lyrically gifted and music to die for. A must listen for any collection.”

“So what can you say really except: When bands like Lucks Lane are knocking at the door of attaining huge deserved success, don’t let them fall into obscurity! It is a major worry that talented bands such as this fail to get the recognition and plaudits they rightly deserve. This band should be in the national charts and out stripping such puerile manufactured crap that’s currently in the Top 40. Make sure you check out Lucks Lane if you like melodic, hard rock.”

“The six piece band from the UK, Lucks Lane, proudly unveils their debut album 'A New Someone' this month. The band led by the powerful vocals of Steve Cairney have produced an amazing work of art that must be heard! Check out 'A New Someone' at www.luckslane.com”

“...a brilliant album by LUCKS LANE. It is one of only a few I've listened to and instantly liked from the start with.. If Only For Tonight, right til the last track.. A New Someone. If their live performance is half as good as their album they will be absolutely awesome and well worth checking out....... After 4hrs of listening to the debut album by LUCKS LANE, I have come to the conclusion I really want to see them live. Brilliant album, good lyrics and great vocals, highly recommended....... That is one hell of an album.. LUCKS LANE..A NEW SOMEONE.”