Lucid Fly / Press

"The prog approach gives "Stasis" a more complex form and a more resonant, atmospheric feeling than you’d hear in pure alternative rock. By the same token, the integration of alt rock adds rich, resounding, metalesque riffs, sweet guitar solos and healthy doses of bass drum. Don’t be misled by your first listening to the EP. It’s more than pleasing enough to hold you, but the rewards increase with repeated listening. The EP requires that if you want to appreciate all the musical nuances."

"Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is to die for. The female vocals are one of the best I have heard in a long time, keep an eye on these guys they're going places."

"equal parts head-banging masculinity and mellifluous femininity...Lucid Fly is living up to both parts of their name. Their music soars over the common stage of amplifiers and pedalboards, to create a clear, luminous sound as wicked as it is expansive."

"everything is there; nice technical performances, solid lyrics and composition, wild but not distracting tempo changes, and most of all, passion and enthusiasm." ..."With neither missed chords nor botched notes to be heard, The Escape Stage hopefully is a taste of things to come – that Lucid Fly’s upcoming full length release will be a barn burner."

"if you sit back and listen to their own blend of darkly rich post-Gothic soundscapes you will be reminded of epic bands like ‘Evanescence’ and ‘A Perfect Circle’. And whilst another band in that vein may not sound immediately appealing, the difference with Lucid Fly is that they do it particularly well, perhaps even as well, at times as their more exalted contemporaries."

"Simply put, Lucid Fly is the real deal. Their music, combined with their extreme professionalism and drive, is going to take them places that most bands only dream of...These guys are a real production away from blowing your mind."

"A little post-industrial and a little rock & roll, they have a good combination of powerhouse vocals and sultry textures without going full goth rock...Lucid Fly have a strong foundation, professional and well packaged, it's only a matter of time before this group find their way to local festival circuit and radio airplay. Layne's haunting voice shouldn't go unnoticed."

“Lucid Fly has captured the elusive balance of a true artistic product with a decidedly commercial appeal that makes you have to listen again and again to hear how they did it so well.”

“They have a massive sound that the whole world deserves to hear...(5/5)”

“Lucid Fly are a serious proposition indeed. The vocals of Nikki Layne are the key here. Her powerful delivery is sensational, and it fits perfectly with the intelligently composed music. It is heavy yet sublime, melodic but raw, and really quite beautiful.”

“Nikki has a sweet emotion-tipped voice with a mellow vibe and plenty of oomph brooding beneath the surface. The key and tempo changes are massively impressive but never get in the way of the music. The sound is unerringly progressive, but it's always melodious and inspiring. ”

"Every once in a blue moon an EP comes across my desk that leaves me hungering for more. The five songs on Lucid Fly’s new EP are rock solid...with a powerfully feminine punch"