LUCID 8 / Press

"Intro has an ethereal tone that feels like it is reaching into another realm, somewhat mystical in mood. The vocalist conveys his feelings... and we get a view into his soul. His vocals are smooth and inviting. The drums and guitar are perfectly arranged. The overall quality of the recording and mastering is at a professional level."

“As an album “Idle Revolution” is a solid piece of work for this Utah band, flowing from one track to the next with seamless procession, making it a great experience for the listener... this album would fit nicely with the modern musical trend, with eighties and nineties influences, strong guitar work, excellent drums, and good vocals. It's hard to compare this band to any other...”

“Lucid 8’s debut full-length is a testament to the influences the band members cite as their musical inspiration. The songs on the album reflect a definite ’90s sensibility, with tracks that could not only fit in happily on the radio between Everclear and Third Eye Blind , but also fit in just fine as the title track of a fave ’90s TV show. Some of the material even has a TV-theme vibe, which reflects the marketability of the band’s sound. With a classic rock ensemble and feel, a touch of punk, a smidge of surf and a dash of anarchist lyrics, Lucid 8 are making a clear statement about their sonic perspective.”

“American Eyesore stands as a firm announcement of Lucid 8's distinctive signature sound... it's hard to resist the album's infectious improvisational tone, like sitting in on a jam session between your musician friends. Both together and apart, Eddy and the boys have long since paid their debt to rock 'n' roll society. American Eyesore is a testament to this fact. It's their time!”