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Lucanus Pell / Press

“Amazing one man band here! What a musician!”

Robert Cordero Jazz - Los Angeles, California

“...you have a universe of your own, a particular voice and style which sounds like no other, just for that we think you deserve to raise the attention of the medias...anyway one thing is sure: you're a highly talented artist...”

Tiffeine - Montpellier, France

“your not just good, your damn good at writing songs.”

bad dog and ally cat - Ireland

“OMG! OMG ! OMG!!!!! Loving do a little good!!!! LOVVING IT!!! I am such a fan now!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!…to me is perfection!!!! FANTASTICCCCCCC!!!”

Sonia Isabelle - Rome

“You are refreshingly unique, versatile, and have captivated my musical soul.”

Lille - Ohio

“2 or 3 Words is bloody marvellous. Astonishing, clever tune. Brilliant arrangement.”

Sills & Smith - Ottawa, Canada

“A true original, a singular voice. This is whimsical, yet insightful. Lucanus is charting his own course.”

Howard - Clarksville, Maryland

“Your songs are amazing and super fun to listen to. Truly brilliant lyrics and great voice. I keep coming back for more!”

Marsha Bolton - Salt Lake City

“your music is not bound by genres! You are a true original!!”

Catherine - San Antonio Texas

“...Lucanus, enjoying your diversity! Blessings to you and your music...keep making it you're amazing!”

Queen Rhodium - Saint Louis

“Wow! it's not everyday you come across something original like this”

Calling Houston - Denmark

“Lucanus you've got such a unique style it's so refreshing! Love your voice”

Leilani Villamor - Palm Springs

“I love how you can do anything and it sounds awesome!”

Mikalene - Las Vegas, Nevada

“Superb original songs and such varied styles. My absolute favourite track is "Another for the World". Brilliant!”

Graham Butterfield - England

“'Do A Little Good'...great whimsical sound and very unique in style & sound. Light hearted and lots of fun. Cheers Lucanus Pell”

The Pizza Kings - Vancouver, Canada

“Brilliant…I couldn't stop laughing with some of the incredibly creative lyrics. You have a great gift and are definitely one of a kind…and a joy to listen to”

The Buddy Jack Band - Minnesota

“...can't really find the words to describe how this music sounds to me but it's awesome...definitely one of a kind. Super talented!”

Lazarus Smile - Texas

“2 or 3 Words is the most unique sounding track I have ever heard.”

Grim Quest Productions - Fort Walton Beach Florida

“YOU are sounding incredible tonight! I love your style, it is so original, refreshing and it just makes me feel good listening, "sweet it is" ooh, I really love this one!”

Kim - Springfield, Ohio

“What a find - u are mega…your work here is immediately likeable and hooks the listener within a few seconds”

Pete Higginson - UK

“Love the eclectic nature of your music, and the clever lyrics! Whimsical voice as well!”

Disposable Genius - Salt Lake City

“I LOVE your creative, clever, cool music! "Sweet it is" is one of my favourites. May you continue to be incredibly prolific and productive.”

Juliann Andreen - Washington DC

“You're the real deal. Keep on keepin' on.”

Randy - New Jersey

“Your song "2 or 3 Words"..."Fab-u-lous"...well done my friend...really enjoyed listening.”

Paul Dunn - U.K

“You have one of those memorable voices which just adds to your original style.”

Shabby Dame - Austin Texas

“I love this music, Good vibes, positive, makes me smile.”

Manuel Montoya - Riverside, California

“Wow Lucanus...I'm just amazed, love listening to your voice and lyrics! I definitely look for people like you to recommend <3”

Southern Daughters - Lebanon, Virginia


Tiho - Zadar, Croatia

“Do A Little Good!.... whoa... love the originality and sound... dude you're amazing!”

cAcoPhoNy - Chicago

“'Sweet it is'...love your amazing lyrics and feisty energy...beautiful.”

SoulNarrative - United Kingdom

“I Absolutely Adore you Lucanus Pell”

Free Mary - Dallas, Texas

“…oh and regarding "2 or 3 words" -I've never heard the F word sung in such a delightful way.”

Anastasia - Suva, Fiji

“Great sound here!! All the best for you.”

Paola Ronci - Italy

“...this playlist is awesome! You went through so many styles...such good stuff”

Marquita Brown - Georgia

“Quirky, funky, wonderful! I LOVE it!”

Malice Mace - Kentucky

“Totally original and brilliant”

Kathie Kingston - Bay Area CA

“Underneath the North Pole is an epic journey of funky blues. We love you Man From Hell”

Danny &amp; The Boys - Dublin, Ireland

“What amazing music!!! Great vocals!!!”

Ryo Utasato - Tokio, Japan

“This is fantastic music. We hope you find your band soon and get the show on the road!”

Take Away The Ugly - Pennsylvania

“There is such an amazing selection of sonically and lyrically innovative tracks here, really love them, this is such a cool sound and amazing vocals!”

Robyn-Jane - United Kingdom


Suzanna Kay - Ashland, Tennessee

“Best thing to come from the flames of hades in a long time. Lucanus Pell the Man from Hell? What a character!!!”

Elias - Athens, Greece

“Wonderful! Love your humour, your versatility, the interpretation of your lyrics, the melodies -great!”

Sankthansaften - Freiburg, Germany

“I've had "Do a Little Good" stuck in my head for the past 3 days...great work”

Chase Bray - Louisiana

“Such catchy awesome well written songs...great melodies! Love your performances! Brilliant listening.”

Hillbilly Dix - Brisbane, Australia

“Great work on 'Right where I'm supposed to be'. Wonderful song with a great message for everyone.”

Sofia - Argentina

“Your tracks are so intriguing they pull me in from the very first sound. Great original work keep it coming.”

Maureen Russell - Huntington Beach, California

“another for the world is song of fate & destiny. full with hope and good words”

Valery - Russia

“One of the most unique sounds I've heard. You seem to be carrying a truck load of talent.”

EH - Detroit

“..."Sweet it is" such a strong pop tune. Great vocals and excellent songwriting. Well done!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - Kingston, Ontario

“So fun, so unique...truly interesting lyrics and style!”

Janice Kephart - Mt Vernon, Virginia

“Wildly musical track Lucanus! Great lyrics! Uplifting and inspirational!”

dRedzilla - United Kingdom

"2 or 3 words" is nothing short of brilliant. yer definitely one of my favs on reverb.

Chip Rishell - Atlantic City

“Wow Amazing you've really done some homework for "Underneath the north pole" - what a random theory and crazy set of coincidence. If I didn't know any better, would say it makes perfect sense from every angle in your lyrics / info; bringing scripture & science together in a most magnificent story. Shalom Lucanus”

David - Jerusalem, Israel

“Another for the world is awesome. Very clever. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.”

Katie Quinton - Dubai

“...he had the audience in the palm of his hands”

Robert Thompson - Timmins Daily Press

“I am listening to "Sweet it is" -I JUST LOVE IT!...so very talented. Ur melody is beautiful and your vocals awesome! IMAFAN!”

Peg O&#39;Neill - Boston, Massachusetts

“Wicked tight and funky joint in "do a little good"...sick beat and catchy riff with the synth horns and lovin' those layered, very funky vocals. Scorchin' tune bro and tight writing skills!”

Mike White Presents - London, England

“your music really unique...you build your own genre love it :)”

Julian the King - Indonesia

“Wow now I see why you got so many plays your music is dope”

Hector Romero - Virginia

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your lyrics! and you are quite the musician :) Awesome songs!”

Courtney Biggs - Idaho

“When I listen to Mr.Pell I hear some Kid Rock, Jimi Hendrix, Black Keys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not the greatest singer but a terrific songwriter and these lyrics are most excellent.”

Michael E - South Africa

“Supremely creative!”

Charles Z - Columbia

“Echo Back Replies, Gambling on the World, and Exception to Every Rule, very cool and smooth amazing music!!!”

Mask Poet - North Carolina

“I really enjoyed hearing wonderful music over here and glad to become a fan...”

Wade Braines - Auckland, New Zealand

“Love your vocals and your sound. Can't pick a fave, lovin' it all.”

JJoolz - Scotland

“...peppy, uplifting, swingy and totally cool.”

Cathie Appel - Toronto, Ontario